Monday, December 26, 2011

Poem 187 - A joyous week

Right after receiving gifts from Santa
Around the corner comes new year
After attending Christmas festive parties
Its a great time to let out a cheer

I still have belief in Santa
That he comes at night and throws gifts through chimneys
And when we wake up in the morning
There are so many gifts under our Christmas trees

The rumpled paper, sits on the floor,waiting to be thrown
As we tear open the gifts, to see what's behind the wrapping
And share the excitement with my sister
I wonder, when Santa gave the gifts, for I never heard bells ringing
-Gaurang Rao

Poem 186 - Happy December

Step out of the door
See the ground covered with snow
Oh! Christmas has come!
-Gaurang Rao

A belated Merry Christmas to you all!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Poem 185 - The boat of life

As the boat of life goes on, every person grows
We learn something every day
The boat of life might have a few problems
But it fights till the last piece of wood, breaks away

The boat of life teaches us things that might be good
But you can't tell if the boat of life is taking you in the right way
The boat of life might have to face a few storms
But still it takes them as a challenge, and alive it does stay

So, why not like this boat
Take every problem like a challenge
And learn to respect and forgive
Instead of taking revenge
-Gaurang Rao

Poem 184 - Christmas is around the corner

Am I dreaming a fairy tale or is this true
December has come, and Christmas is near too
Waiting for Santa Claus to give us presents
Almost forgetting it is given by our parents

Eating sweets and of course singing songs
Feeling like it's a new year and correcting all your wrongs
Oh! How we wait for Christmas to come
The month of December can never be glum

I look at the Christmas tree
There it is standing, decorated and happy
Waiting to be crowded by gifts in a few days
There in the dining room the Christmas tree lays

Christmas, Christmas I can't wait anymore
In fact I am expecting Santa Claus to knock on the door
Christmas, Christmas you are just a week away
But still I miss you every single day
-Gaurang Rao

Poem 183 - Happy B'day Dad!!

Dad, You are really great
To wish you, I couldn't wait
You really are my superstar
And awesome you really are

Happy Birthday dear dad
Together so much fun we've had
I love you so very much
That I can't explain the amount in English or Dutch
-Gaurang Rao

This is the poem I gave my dad on his birthday

Poem 182 - Happy B'day Sis!!

Happy Birthday dear sis
The badminton and rummy days I do miss
Mow as you turn sixteen years old
I've realized you are much more valuable than gold

On your face keep that beautiful smile
And in front of the mirror don't do too much style :)
It's almost a habit for us to fight
But at the end everything is alright

It's great to have you with me
And I got you without paying any fee
Wish you loads of happiness and luck
And in your life you should never get stuck
-Gaurang Rao

This is the poem I gave my sister on her birthday

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Poem 181 - Sometimes I wonder

Sometimes I wonder - why this earth is gray and not green
Sometimes I wonder, how the Earth gets more polluted unseen
Sometimes I wonder, how the clouds move in front of my eyes
Sometimes I wonder, how god controls the Earth from above the skies

Sometimes I wonder why there are more black clouds than white
Sometimes I wonder isn't it time to reunite
Sometimes I wonder, why is this earth so gray
Sometimes I wonder, can we change what can be our last day?
-Gaurang Rao

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Poem 180 - A wish to start afresh

Daydreaming in the garden, looking at the sky in silence, about a new world
Where we could start afresh, and not pollute the planet
Where people would never learn how to pollute
A place where all of us will love to live, I bet

For, it will be a place with beautiful mountains, and unpolluted rivers
A place where people are not polluting, and not corrupted
And if a person from there would see the current Earth, would wonder
Isn't our green world better than their's which is gray and red

But maybe, we are still not trapped, it's not too late to change where we are
But we should start today, because tomorrow might be too late
And so if there will never be a new world, it's time to fix ours
For this is also a planet that can be made great
-Gaurang Rao

Friday, October 21, 2011

Poem 179 - Energyless

Early in morning
No energy to press paste
Don't know how I'll brush
-Gaurang Rao

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Poem 178 - Blood without a murder?

I come out of the washroom, after cleaning my hand's mud and sand
I see the walls red, I get scared - is it blood? For a moment I just stand
I scream out loud, my mom comes in and looks at the red wall
For a moment she stares, and then comes a smile that is small,
I turn back to the wall and see my little sister sitting with a paintbrush in her hand
-Gaurang Rao

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Poem 177 - Diwali

Diwali is a festival celebrated in India. It is celebrated by bursting crackers, and it is supposed to be a very happy time during Diwali. A very happy Diwali to all

Diwali-the festival of lights and crackers
Houses are filled with sweet boxes and chocolate wrappers
Light a cracker or eat a sweet
And don't forget to keep you home neat

A festival of love and care
And nights are filled with fireworks in the air
Diwali is here so enjoy this festival
As it is something very special

Start a new life on this festival of light
Wish for a future, that is very bright
On this occasion let us start anew
And pray to god and tell thank you
-Gaurang Rao

Poem 176 - Out On The Roads

Out on the roads, vehicles have filled the street
Crowds in restaurants, no parking space free
I walk past a new restaurant, and warmed by the grill's heat
I look inside and I see a kitchen that is warm and happy

I cross the road, I see a family bursting with shopping bags
I look around and see a shopping complex around the road
As I walk near it, a shopping trolley-a man drags
I take a trolley myself, and the trolley I heavily load

I grab some food, put it in the trolley, to fill my hunger later
I take a can of oil, some pasta, and grab some juice
I grab a can of milk and curds, and I head to the counter
I am on the road again, trying to call a taxi, I am tired and so are my shoes
-Gaurang Rao

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Poem 175 - Princes and Witches

"Abracadabra" hissed the witch, turning the prince into a bird
The bird sat on the rock, angry eyes on the witch
Claps of thunder, rain pours down onto the streets
The witch dances and laughs, as the rain fills every pothole and ditch

The bird feels wet, he feels cold
The witch laughs and says "Only a flower can save the prince
And I have kept the flower at the top of the tower", actually a lighthouse
The witch forgets, the bird can fly, and starts to dance

The bird starts to fly, and the witch notices
And as the bird reaches the tower,
The witch mounts her broomstick
As she helplessly watches the bird, stand on the flower

The bird turns back to a prince
The witch turns into ash
Everything is alright again
As the witch's long tower falls into the sea with a splash
-Gaurang Rao

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Poem 174 - The Phantom

The midnight hour strikes, a flute starts to play
The trees turn quiet, the clouds become gray
The phantom has appeared, to soothe the animals of the forest
They were acting strange, only he puts them to rest

He goes at dawn, comes at twilight
He plays his flute, throughout the night
You try to find him in the morning, and he is not there
He seems to have disappeared into the air
-Gaurang Rao

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Poem 173 - Autumn

As yellow leaves, fall down in the lake, saying their good-bye's
Sun starts shining brightly, to add more yellow to the lake
I sit there on a rock looking at the reflection, the sun looks like a plate
Trying to catch the leaves, and waiting for the trees, to wake

No noise, no rustles, of the leaves, they are crunched by the people who walk by
Still more leaves fall into the lake, leaving the branches of trees alone
As I look into the lake I see, so many leaves wet, and sad
As the trees wait for winter, the last few leaves fall down on their own
-Gaurang Rao

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Poem 172 - Curiosity kills the cat!

As I was driving through the empty lanes of the village
I observed a danger-sign post there, I saw nothing, I was curious to know what was there
I just drove on that lane, and my car got stuck in a quagmire
I managed to jump out, my heart beating fast, I called for help, and now I could just stare

With nobody else to blame, I hung my head in shame
As a truck pulled my car out of the quagmire
I looked at my dirty car, then around me, sunflowers were bobbing and laughing
The truck driver looked at me, for the car was not something you could admire

If I had followed the sign, then by tomorrow I would have reached my hometown
But now it was my fault and I couldn't do anything
I sat on a rock, I saw some sand, half eroded by wind
Or wait a minute is it another quagmire, I am not curious to see that thing
-Gaurang Rao

Monday, August 22, 2011

Poem 171 - Time to say goodbye!

As I enter the car looking at my house one last time
Though excited about going to the new house, I was sad that we were leaving this one
As my sister looks too, her head right behind mine
I knew I will remember, it was the house where I had lots of fun

As we all said goodbye and as the car started
The house looked lonely, empty and sad
"Why do you need to go it asked?
Have I done something bad?"

We turned around the corner, and all we could do was remember the house
Memories flashed through my mind
I remembered, how I used to run on the stairs
And climbing the garden trees, everything did rewind

Thinking of it, I felt as if I was there
I felt a tear roll down my cheek
I had stayed there for three years, now
I looked at my sister, even her eyes did leak
-Gaurang Rao

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Poem 170 - Titanic

A storm, unlucky ship is at sea
As thunder roars and and waves crash
People shout, sailors panic as cracks build upon the ship
People run here and there, there is a sudden water splash

People scared, wondering is it time to say goodbye?
Crew members tell not to panic,not useful, and they are not viable
The ship crashes against a rock, is it a shipwreck?
The ship splits, paint flies, and nothing is stable

So many gasps, as people fall into the hungry sea
Emergency boats are let down, crew members man the oars
People now scared, start screaming and don't stay mute
As people try to jump in boats, unfortunate people fall into the sea in scores

People stare as the last part of the ship sinks
Only a few were saved, families begin to cry
The unpleasant storm now ends, seems to be pleased to have caused so many deaths
Again it's a new day, but people still sad, thinking of the people who did die
-Gaurang Rao

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Poem 169 - Ashray

Ashray is always there as a friend
So with him - time I like to spend
Happy he is and makes me happy too
Really good friend, friends like him are very few
Always he is there to help anyone
Yet he is a person full of fun
-Gaurang Rao

Dedicated to Ashray, a classmate and a good friend of mine.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Poem 168 - The moon sets without being noticed

Sitting on the sill, looking at each other
Not knowing, under a tree, a little hedgehog is watching the two
Their eyes locked in each others
The sun has set, it is a night that is fresh and new

Romance in the air, as she clutches his hand
A light dance begins, as they sway from side to side
As the love story begins
The hedgehog's eyes are open wide

Both having the pleasure to be with one another
The hedgehog feel's he shouldn't be there
The moon has set it is almost a new day, the love story is not over
Though the dance is over, about the hedgehog they are not aware

But the love story still does not end, as the hedgehog thinks
Will they think of each other till they die?
The hedgehog says it's time to go
And don't you think time just did fly?
-Gaurang Rao

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Poem 167 - The Imaginary Painting

An empty lane, only a old bench there
If only it was not uneven and jagged
Cars could be driven there
Some noise from vehicles the lane lacked

If only there could be a few more trees
Where birds could chirp and children play
I painted a picture in my head
Hoping the beautiful image would stay

Have a distant look at my mind
No you still can't see what I see
Trees grow, birds chirp, cars stop in the traffic
And there is a more happier me

More beautiful houses, to decorate the lane
I hoped it wouldn't be as silent as it was in this lane
It is always too dark and quiet
But for now the lane was silent, quite, dark and standing in pain
-Gaurang Rao

Poem 166 - Cycling Day

I am cycling it is a happy day
A beautiful weather, I hope it does stay
I happily sing as I pedal along
I raised my hands to dance with the song
I fell down in a stack of hay
-Gaurang Rao

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Monday, July 25, 2011

Poem 165 - Ice Cream Shop

In the Ice Cram Shop,
Many flavors of Ice Creams
Don't know which to choose
-Gaurang Rao

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Poem 164 - The wrong colored world

Traveling in a rocket, supposed to go to the moon
I slept off, I was alone, I landed soon
Putting oxygen cylinders, getting out of the flying object
There was something that I really did not expect

A world with river, that was not blue
Trees are strange shaped and are funny too
All flowers are only white
Hmm... Wait a minute something is not right

Actually everything is wrong, blue cat on a tree
Clouds shaped like buildings I do see
Maybe I should get out of here
To the rocket I edge near and near

I turn around the rocket is gone
There is just a purple colored lawn
Suddenly I wake up I was asleep, I didn't reach the Moon
I looked out of the window, where I expected to see the world maroon
-Gaurang Rao

Poem 163 - Early Country Morning

Standing on the farm, early at six
Dew drops on flowers and grass, cold frosted morning
Happy to be visiting the farm today
Cows moo, sheep baa, hens cluck and birds sing

All animals happy, cows give lots of milk
Hens cluck, farmer's wife collects good quality eggs
Sun shines, it seems to be happy, as men toil at the fields
I look at my hands, little dirty, I have soil covered legs

My thoughts jiggled, as I wandered near the flower beds
Oh! What a place this is - a farm
A place where you can get dirty, but have fun
Without much harm
-Gaurang Rao

Monday, July 18, 2011

Poem 162 - The Masked Secrets

Mask on the wall, looking straight at my eye
Artistic colors, a nice black and white
So creepy, who knows what those eyes lie
Keep distance from those eyes, they glows at night
Ever glowing eyes, with its evil look
Death scaring lips, which carry a wild smile
Slightly white crooked nose, my head I shook
Eek! Is it fake, or a mask that is fragile
Colored spots on the face, they're black and good
Read its unseen mind, what is it thinking?
Evil face it has, does not even eat food
Throw it away, for it is disturbing
Scary mask now gone, its in the garbage
Now I confess I threw it in a rage
-Gaurang Rao

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Poem 161 - Tears of anger

Standing there alone and sad, shivering in the cold
Walked to the cold bench sat on it, teeth chattering away
Deep in thoughts of sad memories, he felt himself getting angry
He had done nothing, when he saw them dying, on the bench he did lay

All that came to his mind was the scene of their death
He tried not to think of them, he felt like he had ruined his life
He didn't go back to his home, he didn't want the memories
Sad, angry, lonely, without his own daughter and wife

Looked at the sky, shouted, screamed and cried from his heart
Tears rolled down his cheek to his chin
He remembered, how he played with his daughter
And how his wife's heart he did win

Of the millions and millions of people, why just him
Crying tears of hatred, towards himself, he cried out loud and sad
Again the memories captivated him, as he stood on the road
Car came on the road killed him, enough of his respected life he had had
-Gaurang Rao

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Poem 160 - A Chess Game

Sitting there, eyebrows frowned thinking of, a move that can be played
My opponent, after much indecision, a move he made
Now I had two options, either to kill his bishop or knight
After I took his bishop, he too did fight

He brought his pawn to the last line, where he lends his pawn and borrows a queen
He gave me a check, which I had neither thought of, nor seen
After escaping the check, the fate of my queen was decided after he killed it right there
He finally gave me a checkmate, which was fair and square

Before he'd given me the checkmate, only my lonely king stood
It stood there, looking scared but good
The handshake at the end, ended our game
It was an interesting match, but my opponent won all the same.

By the way, I have mentioned all the chess pieces except for one. If you know it please leave it with your comment.
-Gaurang Rao

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Poem 159 - Vanamahotsava

Vanamahotsava is a day on which, all Indians are supposed to plant and save trees. It is done, as many forests are being cut down and animals are dying. It is to remind us, how much trees are worth.

Saving trees is our responsibility
Death of a tree can lead to a calamity
Cut one tree, plant five more
Cutting even a branch, is like cutting your house's door

Less things of wood should be made
We should always be there for any tree's aid
Cutting a tree, is like stopping someone from being alive
It can be a bird and its nest, or a bee and its hive

Plant a tree whether you are an Indian or not
Don't let the Earth die and rot
If we don't save trees, for the next generation it is not fair
So every tree we must love and give it lots of care
-Gaurang Rao

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Poem 158 - A Rainy Day

Rainy Day, Umbrellas are up
Sipping hot coffee in a cup
Reading a newspaper and watching the rain
The farmer is happy, the potter is in pain

Making my socks sticky and muddy
When the rain falls the umbrella is my buddy
Car drives by splashes water on me
People smile, as my muddy shoes I see

I go back home, wash my legs thoroughly
It is time to eat hot food and watch T.V
As the rain passes to the next town
On my bed, sleepy and tired I break down
-Gaurang Rao

Poem 157 - A Cloudy Dream

Flying in a cloud, more like a boat, people seem to have oars
I see other clouds, I hear a soft sound, sitting next to me a man snores
We seem to be going in a round, but from below I hear no noise
Down I see, rivers and woods, "Hold on to the boat" says a voice

I turn around to see a man, looking similar to god, guiding the boat
Am I going to heaven? But for now with these people, I'd like to float
Though I am flying in the air I don't feel strange now
I was even expecting the moon to be covered by a flying cow

A nasty wind blows a woman's shawl away
It disappears in another cloud, as the boat does sway
Suddenly the wonderful dream does cease
There is no more nasty wind, just a heated -breeze
-Gaurang Rao

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Poem 156 - A Photo

Just that one photo of hers made him cry
He loved her so much and now she had died
Alone and sad, now he wanted to die
Each time he looked at the photo he cried
Leaning on the door thinking of his love,
About his dead wife he kept thinking of
He felt like the only man alone now
He sat on his bed and gave a sad cough
Broke the photo, tried not to think of her
But only her nice face came to his mind
He closed his eyes, shed another tear
The past, good memories he did rewind
Once again to his mind came the photo
To heaven he also wanted to go
-Gaurang Rao

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Poem 155 - On the Beach

Standing on the sand, letting my feet get buried in sand
Waiting for the waves that come, holding my sisters hand
A huge waves, makes water come up till our knee
Finally we sit far, fully wet, thanks to the sea

I begin to collect shells, but I find one, makes me throw all other shells back
That one big shell in newspaper I do pack
Carefully keeping it in the picnic basket, I look at it once more
So beautiful, so smooth and to think that I found it on the shore

My sister likes it too, the strange colors on it
I close the basket and down I sit
Letting the beach's soft sand slip through my fingers, brown and cold
The sand gleaming when the sun shines, pretending to be gold

Finally we sit in the car, It is time to go back home
But there is no place like home, whether yours is in Washington or Rome
I look at the shell one last time, its pinkish color giving it a strange effect
It was a really good shell that looked nice and perfect
-Gaurang Rao

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Poem 154 - The Silly Servant

Servant doing hard work, because of the glass eye of his boss
He always took it out and kept it were the servant was
Boss told "I am keeping an eye on you"
Servant believed boss, and did hard work too
When servant's friend heard this and laughed, servant got cross
-Gaurang Rao

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Poem 153 - Lazing on the hills

A cool breeze blew, I walk up the hills with the sheep
The hill covered with grass, smells nice, the sheep dance and leap
I sleep on my back, looking at the clouds, changing their shapes
I had bought my food basket, it had sandwiches, milk and grapes

I felt like a kid in Sound of Music, when they sang Doe - a deer
I heard a spring nearby, I found it, out came water crystal clear
I started singing, my sheep seemed to like the song
It came near me, I sang it fully, It was nice and long

I had a most delicious lunch after that
After eating the last sweet grape, my stomach I did pat
I walked back with the sheep, the picnic basket, now light
I hummed the song as I went, for me the day had turned bright
-Gaurang Rao
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Poem 152 - Tit for Tat

Going to my sister's room, banging her room's door and running back
My room's door fly's open, sister gives a glare, her eyes, cold and black
Sweetly I smile, I act innocent by shrugging and opening my book
She turns around and turns again - once more she gave me that hard look
I laughed in my room, just then someone bangs my door, and laughter does crack
-Gaurang Rao

Photo Link - here (©2009-2011 ~19SaRaH92)

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Poem 151 - Cries for being alive

He was young of age, I think about eight
Though he had only mother, he thought life was great.
One day his mother fell ill, and there was no money
To get medicines, he found small jobs, for him life wasn't funny

Because he couldn't buy medicines, his mother died
Weeks turned to months, but he cried and cried
No money, No food, and now he had to pay the tax
No electricity, he was using candles and wax

House gone, street- a cold new house, to stay
For him to go anywhere, there was no way
Crying for being alive, was the eight boy's cry
Like his mother and father, why couldn't he die?
-Gaurang Rao

Monday, May 30, 2011

Poem 150 - Sea god angry?

Hungry waves lashing the beach
To drown people, it does reach
Water spraying on people standing far away
Hungrily waiting for people, the sea does lay

Angry sea god, sending the terrifying waves?
Sending water even inside the beach caves
Oh, what a sea - hungry and mean
Drowning people, who were then never seen
-Gaurang Rao

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Poem 149 - Homework Troubles

I looked at my homework, I had finished so little, so much to do
It is such a bore and I wanted to play Basketball too!
I took my orange colored basketball out
"Do your homework" my mother did shout
At the end my mother's disappointng words I had to listen to
-Gaurang Rao

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Poem 148 - Chocolate Lover

I open the fridge, I grin as I touch the chocolate's cover
From the morning I had been waiting for this hour
Oooh! Chocolate, watering my mouth even while I think
My sister finds me with with the chocolate, to her I do wink

Shh! Don't tell mom, I will give you a bit
With a scissors in my hand, on the ground I sit
I take the wrapper off, I make the chocolate naked now
We both relish on the chocolate - we do love

We hear mom's footsteps, I hide the chocolate and wipe my lips
At the last possible moment, I lick my fingertips
Quickly open the fridge, Keep it behind some tomatoes
I close the fridge, the noise of mom's footsteps grows

She looks at us and gives us a suspicious look
We just smile and she goes back to cook
I take the wrapper from my pocket, throw it the dustbin
I shake the dustbin, the wrapper now, somewhere in the jumble
-Gaurang Rao

Sorry for not writing for a long time. Maybe you can call it a small break :)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Poem 147 - On the rooftop

Sitting on the roof, a pad and pencil in my hands
The only place where I can see mountains and lands
Sitting there, I see birds on the railing
About two or three, all melodiously singing

A breeze blows, the pages of the pad fly, and make a flapping sound
I see the sun shining very high up, yellow, warm and round
Trees dance to the wind, flowers happily dance too
The sun behind a cloud, still the sky stays a happy blue

A smile comes on my face, as I see children playing
From downstairs, I hear my mom praying
My sister comes up, she sits next to me
We don't talk, just nature's beauty we see
-Gaurang Rao

Poem 146 - The Mirror Maze

A dark room, red lights on the ceiling
I was alone gave me a strange feeling
I saw almost ten mirror images of me
I walked ahead, another man I did see

I walked to him, another mirror my hands did touch
I was starting to get confused, so very much
I wanted to escape from this mirror maze
I didn't know where to go, there were so many ways

Just as I found the door, a statue came out from the ground
I don't know from where it came, for it made no sound
I quickly just jumped out of the door
To my mom and dad - my story, I did pour
-Gaurang Rao

Friday, May 6, 2011

Poem 145 - A temporary goodbye!

Hello all, I am sad to say that I won't be here for some time now. I am travelling, so I might not be here. Till then I will write this last one...

Sad to say I will not be here now for some time
I won't be there to make my poems, and their rhyme
Hopefully I shall be back in a few days
Well at least that is what my mind says
It might take a week or two
But I will surely come back for you
-Gaurang Rao

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Monday, May 2, 2011

Poem 144 - Thunder Leave Me!

Thunder claps, lightning bolt hits her hut, hut's on fire
Flames of the fire, grow angrier and more higher
Her baby, in her hand, she runs from the flames
Now the fields on fire, the clouds - the lady blames

She runs, the baby wails, their clothes half burnt, looks brown
She goes to other huts, no one is in the hut, no one is in town
Crying, limping along the muddy, wet road
The baby that she carries turns to be a heavy load

Sad to say, I don't know what happened to them after that incident
I don't even know where the mother and the boy went!
If you do know please let me know
Any suggestions? Yes or No?
-Gaurang Rao

Poem 143 - That One Night

Sleeping on the bed, hoping no monsters will attack
The lights are off, the room is completely black
Hoping that monsters don't come, and take me to their den
Take me to their new country, out of reach from any men

What if right now they are on the borders of my house
But right now from under my bed, what if a monster does arouse?
What if they take me, feed me cakes containing monster poison?
And I become a monster, and cannot be a normal person?
-Gaurang Rao

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Poem 142 - Hand Wrestling

I foolishly challenged my friend to hand wrestle with me
We both put our hands up, each others eyes and hands we did see
The winner would get a chocolate , sponsored by another friend
So still, the winner - money he didn't need to spend

He was too powerful for, this weakling me
His hands hurt mine, I begged for mercy
My friend relished on the chocolate bar
While I sat with my aching hands in my car
-Gaurang Rao

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Poem 141 - Open Kitchen

Open door, I see onions, olives, oranges and an oven
There is so much food, it can be fit for the king and his men
Not to mention, Broccoli, Beans, Bananas and Bread
So much food it could be a blanket on my bed

Again there is the Aubergine, Apple, Avocados and Artichokes
Clearly standing on the slab are Carrots, Cabbages and Cokes
Oh! What a kitchen, too many items to see
Oh! Look there is my mom making tea!
-Gaurang Rao

Poem 140 - Kaleidoscopes

Beautiful coloured objects creating a design
The mirrors reflecting the beads, making them shine
In the cylindrical container, colours seem to fly
Me and my sister - through the hole we do spy
We both fight for it, suddenly it breaks, now not hers nor mine
-Gaurang Rao

Monday, April 25, 2011

Poem 139 - Cashew

Cartful of cashew nuts
Are roasted in fires
So carts now empty?
Happy people in huts
Endless cashew nut buyers
Wow! nuts tempting me
-Gaurang Rao

Poem 138 - Dance Along!

Sitting on the couch watching boring television channels
Some showing recipes, others movies and some animals
In one channel an awesome rock song replaces a cartoon
I drum along with the beats, using a fork and a spoon

I wondered what was the secret behind all this music
As the drums beat louder I jump, dance and kick
The T.V along with the music, it shows a video, a horse and a boy
Horse dances with the beats, the boy sits on the horse, like it's a toy

After the song - people clap, the boy and horse do shine
My dog, joins me to see them clap, everything goes fine
The boy seemed to be holding a happy heart
For him and the horse, it was a good dancing career start
-Gaurang Rao

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Poem 137 - Bakery

An excellent smell made it's way through the air
I ordered for bread, and sat on a chair
The bread was for my breakfast, it would be on my plate
I got home, and the fresh crunchy, crisp bread I ate

I Imagined the dough being knead
To form some excellent bread
Through my mouth the bread's taste did melt
I cleansed the plate, and on the floor to pick up bread crumbs, I knelt
-Gaurang Rao

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Poem 136 - Two days away!

Two days more, and my first blog anniversary
Will these two days go slow? Or will they go in a hurry?
Writing poetry, became of of my favorite things
Time just flew by, like time had wings

In a year so much poetry I wrote
Time just flew by, like I was on a motorboat
I will never stop, I shall continue to write
I thank all of you for bringing my blog to this height

Things went so fast, and it will go fast again
Time will fly by, like a bullet train
Time will fly by, like it is in a race
Time will fly by, it will go at a great pace
-Gaurang Rao