Monday, May 30, 2011

Poem 150 - Sea god angry?

Hungry waves lashing the beach
To drown people, it does reach
Water spraying on people standing far away
Hungrily waiting for people, the sea does lay

Angry sea god, sending the terrifying waves?
Sending water even inside the beach caves
Oh, what a sea - hungry and mean
Drowning people, who were then never seen
-Gaurang Rao

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Poem 149 - Homework Troubles

I looked at my homework, I had finished so little, so much to do
It is such a bore and I wanted to play Basketball too!
I took my orange colored basketball out
"Do your homework" my mother did shout
At the end my mother's disappointng words I had to listen to
-Gaurang Rao

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Poem 148 - Chocolate Lover

I open the fridge, I grin as I touch the chocolate's cover
From the morning I had been waiting for this hour
Oooh! Chocolate, watering my mouth even while I think
My sister finds me with with the chocolate, to her I do wink

Shh! Don't tell mom, I will give you a bit
With a scissors in my hand, on the ground I sit
I take the wrapper off, I make the chocolate naked now
We both relish on the chocolate - we do love

We hear mom's footsteps, I hide the chocolate and wipe my lips
At the last possible moment, I lick my fingertips
Quickly open the fridge, Keep it behind some tomatoes
I close the fridge, the noise of mom's footsteps grows

She looks at us and gives us a suspicious look
We just smile and she goes back to cook
I take the wrapper from my pocket, throw it the dustbin
I shake the dustbin, the wrapper now, somewhere in the jumble
-Gaurang Rao

Sorry for not writing for a long time. Maybe you can call it a small break :)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Poem 147 - On the rooftop

Sitting on the roof, a pad and pencil in my hands
The only place where I can see mountains and lands
Sitting there, I see birds on the railing
About two or three, all melodiously singing

A breeze blows, the pages of the pad fly, and make a flapping sound
I see the sun shining very high up, yellow, warm and round
Trees dance to the wind, flowers happily dance too
The sun behind a cloud, still the sky stays a happy blue

A smile comes on my face, as I see children playing
From downstairs, I hear my mom praying
My sister comes up, she sits next to me
We don't talk, just nature's beauty we see
-Gaurang Rao

Poem 146 - The Mirror Maze

A dark room, red lights on the ceiling
I was alone gave me a strange feeling
I saw almost ten mirror images of me
I walked ahead, another man I did see

I walked to him, another mirror my hands did touch
I was starting to get confused, so very much
I wanted to escape from this mirror maze
I didn't know where to go, there were so many ways

Just as I found the door, a statue came out from the ground
I don't know from where it came, for it made no sound
I quickly just jumped out of the door
To my mom and dad - my story, I did pour
-Gaurang Rao

Friday, May 6, 2011

Poem 145 - A temporary goodbye!

Hello all, I am sad to say that I won't be here for some time now. I am travelling, so I might not be here. Till then I will write this last one...

Sad to say I will not be here now for some time
I won't be there to make my poems, and their rhyme
Hopefully I shall be back in a few days
Well at least that is what my mind says
It might take a week or two
But I will surely come back for you
-Gaurang Rao

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Monday, May 2, 2011

Poem 144 - Thunder Leave Me!

Thunder claps, lightning bolt hits her hut, hut's on fire
Flames of the fire, grow angrier and more higher
Her baby, in her hand, she runs from the flames
Now the fields on fire, the clouds - the lady blames

She runs, the baby wails, their clothes half burnt, looks brown
She goes to other huts, no one is in the hut, no one is in town
Crying, limping along the muddy, wet road
The baby that she carries turns to be a heavy load

Sad to say, I don't know what happened to them after that incident
I don't even know where the mother and the boy went!
If you do know please let me know
Any suggestions? Yes or No?
-Gaurang Rao

Poem 143 - That One Night

Sleeping on the bed, hoping no monsters will attack
The lights are off, the room is completely black
Hoping that monsters don't come, and take me to their den
Take me to their new country, out of reach from any men

What if right now they are on the borders of my house
But right now from under my bed, what if a monster does arouse?
What if they take me, feed me cakes containing monster poison?
And I become a monster, and cannot be a normal person?
-Gaurang Rao