Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Poem 206 - The Soup

My shoes were wet and muddy, after walking in the rain
I went into a diner, for my stomach was crying in vain
Red hot soup, arrived on the dinner table
The waiter placed it, it shook, then it was stable
A red hot tomato soup, with bread pieces in it, I took a sip
The soup too hot, burnt my throat and lip
But it felt good, on a cold, wet and rainy night
And into a bread piece I took a bite
Thanks dear soup for making me warm
Don't you think it's nice to drink when its raining, or during a storm?
~Gaurang Rao

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Friday, November 9, 2012

Poem 205 - The Funny Shoes

Mr. Smith's funny little shoes
Sometimes seemed too tight, sometimes too loose
Oh Mr. Smith didn't know his left from his right
And when he wore it wrong, he pondered about the mystery all night
And which shoe was for which foot he couldn't choose
~Gaurang Rao

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Poem 204 - The Black Hole

I'm the black hole sitting here absorbing space
I wonder if I'll reach the human race
There is no time inside me, I just eat it
And still just absorbing space, there I sit
I am dangerous, for you don't know what's inside me
I am the feared black hole, the great and mighty
But now I feel sad, for my job is boring
And I've got tired of this job of time storing
And I never seem to be full, always need to eat
So in my dark world, time I do greet
~Gaurang Rao

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Poem 203 - Halloween

Mr. Smith opened his house door to see the British Queen
And from behind her came the funny Mr. Bean
And Mr. Smith stared at them as they said trick or treat
Not realizing it was children, he wondered why they were acting weird on the street
Oh poor Mr. Smith didn't realize its Halloween!
~Gaurang Rao