Thursday, July 14, 2011

Poem 159 - Vanamahotsava

Vanamahotsava is a day on which, all Indians are supposed to plant and save trees. It is done, as many forests are being cut down and animals are dying. It is to remind us, how much trees are worth.

Saving trees is our responsibility
Death of a tree can lead to a calamity
Cut one tree, plant five more
Cutting even a branch, is like cutting your house's door

Less things of wood should be made
We should always be there for any tree's aid
Cutting a tree, is like stopping someone from being alive
It can be a bird and its nest, or a bee and its hive

Plant a tree whether you are an Indian or not
Don't let the Earth die and rot
If we don't save trees, for the next generation it is not fair
So every tree we must love and give it lots of care
-Gaurang Rao


  1. great message...i am fond of trees...they are where i retreat to solace...

  2. i love this entirely.

    i gave you one of my weekly goddess awards, come on over and collect it anytime!

  3. Trees are so vital and seriously essential... loved it!


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