Sunday, February 24, 2013

Poem 212 - Home Alone!

It was dark night, and I was home alone
And the silence was broken by the ringing of my telephone
I answer the call, but no sound from the other end
And then came a sudden shout, a horrifying moment I did spend

I slammed the phone down, to my room I run
I can tell you, being home alone isn't any fun
I jumped into my bed, pulled the blanket over me
At that time the power went, so nothing I could see

I heard the doorbell, but I didn't want to go out
I didn't want to be a coward, but in my mind there was a doubt
So I took my cricket bat, and I stood gazing at the door
I opened it, and luckily it was my parents, back from the store

They were surprised to see me holding my bat
There were tears of joy in my eyes but easily I could explain all of that
I never found the answer to the prank call, if it was a prank
And if it was a prank, then the caller, I would love to spank
~Gaurang Rao
Sunday wordle words used - moment, gazing, tears

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Riddle 2 - Who Am I?

Each time I told a lie my nose grew long
I was first made of wood, sturdy and strong
In movies like Shrek I did appear
I saved him with my nose without any fear
I bet my nose can grow bigger than the tail of King Kong!
~Gaurang Rao

Who am I?
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Poem 211 - Sweet Times!

My dear sister
Annoying, yet wonderful
But sweet as sugar
~Gaurang Rao

Friday, February 22, 2013

Poem 210 - A Circus Day

For the circus show, a ticket I bought
Reviews were that it was very good
And so for this ticket I spent a lot
Looking for the tent entrance, there I stood

The show was good, elephants played cricket
From tightrope walkers to lions and clowns
The screams would have brought the tent down, I bet
This was the place of faces without frowns

The show was enjoyed thoroughly
And after the show, I even went back stage
I met the clowns who spoke to me freely
I saw the lions, back in their cage

Sadly good times have to come to an end
At the circus, a great time I did spend
~Gaurang Rao

Poem 209 - Mystery House!

I was travelling by car to my cousins house in the next town
I seemed lost, when rain started pouring down
The lane was deserted, just trees and trees
And travelling on that empty road I wasn't at ease

I was lost, hungry, tired and scared
I kept on driving as much as I dared 
And out of nowhere, a big gate appeared
I gave a sigh of relief, when I realized it was a mansion that I had neared

I went in the gate, and parked under a tree
I ran to the mansion's entrance, a big door I could see
No bell, just a knocker on the door
I knocked and knocked till my hands could knock no more

And magically the mansion seemed to open itself to me
Inside a warm fireplace I could see
I looked for people, but no one was there
And when the door closed by itself I shouted because I got a scare

And the next thing I remember is waking up with a shout
I sat up in my bed, it was a dream no doubt!
~Gaurang Rao

Poem 208 - Confessions

Its time to confess that sometimes, though I feel lazy to write
I do feel guilty, because something does not feel right
And I know I have to stick to writing here, after a break that was long
For the fear of losing creativity, seems so very wrong
And so its time I must pen my words once more
For words can seem more powerful than a lion's roar
And now I have that fear of losing my creativity
And if I do, it will be a pity
So why not just start writing the way I used to write!
For it's never too late to make things right!
~Gaurang Rao

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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Poem 207 - The Scare!

To scare my sister, I hid behind the door
I heard footsteps, I gave a roar
But to my horror, I saw the cook fall down, with a pot
With embarrassment, my cheek were hot
I would never try this, I swore

My plan did backfire, I helped the very angry cook
In anger his fists he shook
At that time, from behind me, my sister shouted "I'm back"
I seriously got a mini heart attack
I got a taste of my own medicine and the cook gave my sis a happy look
~Gaurang Rao

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