Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Poem 298 - The Way I See

Image from Magpie Tales

I am not a scientist, but do I need to be one, to enjoy this night?
While they look through telescopes, at stars I probably can't spot
All I see out there, is a beautiful place, winking its joy - quiet and bright
For scientists see, the same I see, but not in the fashion I do

Nor do I need to be an artist, to stay up all night - painting a starry sky
For while they paint - they work - and while they work they don't enjoy
For me just looking, at such a surreal thing, makes time seem to fly
For artists see, the same I see, but not in the fashion I do

I might not notice the flower beds I stand upon
But it's not for them I've come here
For this beautiful sight, unlike flowers - is dead upon dawn
For maybe even flowers see, the same I see, but not in the fashion I do

I'd rather enjoy this one whole night, having the sky all to me
Such beautiful moments come rare - so look at it when you have eyes
I'd rather never be an artist or scientist and work my night lacking glee
For everyone sees, the same I see, but not in the fashion I do

For what they see, is just another night of gloomy toil
But for me it is a peaceful night, to think and watch
The twinkling stars, and gleaming moon - this night nobody can spoil
Perhaps it's only those out there who see what I see
~Gaurang Rao

Written as a part of  - http://magpietales.blogspot.ae/

Friday, August 22, 2014

Poem 297 - Dilemmas

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Always ends up on decisions we make
North or South? Left or Right?
We all know the maze of life isn't a piece of cake
And that's why we make most decisions in fright


Got to choose wisely, yet can't be too slow
Tension breaks, as you don't know what to choose
Sweat pours down on my eyebrow
As on the chessboard I make a move to lose


So while choosing your paths be firm and clear
Those dilemmas of yours, decide your tomorrow
For you choose the right key, then to success you're near
And when you choose the wrong, it might be a life of sorrow

~Gaurang Rao 

Poem 296 - Life Is A Boat

Image from Magpie Tales

See that li'l boat yonder - bobbing away?
She can't come back until she's done her work for the day
Through tempests and typhoons she'll pass and go
But she won't leave todays' work for tomorrow
Life should be nothing but just the boat above
Never later, everything to be done now
She passes through her problems like they never prevail
And smiling to herself away she does sail
For life, is an easy road, just misted by a few potholes
And to walk through them safely, should be topmost on our goals
Follow that boat, as she laughs hard yet works harder
For in the end, on the road, we just want to reach farther
~Gaurang Rao

Written as a part of  - http://magpietales.blogspot.ae/