Thursday, September 29, 2011

Poem 175 - Princes and Witches

"Abracadabra" hissed the witch, turning the prince into a bird
The bird sat on the rock, angry eyes on the witch
Claps of thunder, rain pours down onto the streets
The witch dances and laughs, as the rain fills every pothole and ditch

The bird feels wet, he feels cold
The witch laughs and says "Only a flower can save the prince
And I have kept the flower at the top of the tower", actually a lighthouse
The witch forgets, the bird can fly, and starts to dance

The bird starts to fly, and the witch notices
And as the bird reaches the tower,
The witch mounts her broomstick
As she helplessly watches the bird, stand on the flower

The bird turns back to a prince
The witch turns into ash
Everything is alright again
As the witch's long tower falls into the sea with a splash
-Gaurang Rao

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Poem 174 - The Phantom

The midnight hour strikes, a flute starts to play
The trees turn quiet, the clouds become gray
The phantom has appeared, to soothe the animals of the forest
They were acting strange, only he puts them to rest

He goes at dawn, comes at twilight
He plays his flute, throughout the night
You try to find him in the morning, and he is not there
He seems to have disappeared into the air
-Gaurang Rao

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Poem 173 - Autumn

As yellow leaves, fall down in the lake, saying their good-bye's
Sun starts shining brightly, to add more yellow to the lake
I sit there on a rock looking at the reflection, the sun looks like a plate
Trying to catch the leaves, and waiting for the trees, to wake

No noise, no rustles, of the leaves, they are crunched by the people who walk by
Still more leaves fall into the lake, leaving the branches of trees alone
As I look into the lake I see, so many leaves wet, and sad
As the trees wait for winter, the last few leaves fall down on their own
-Gaurang Rao

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Poem 172 - Curiosity kills the cat!

As I was driving through the empty lanes of the village
I observed a danger-sign post there, I saw nothing, I was curious to know what was there
I just drove on that lane, and my car got stuck in a quagmire
I managed to jump out, my heart beating fast, I called for help, and now I could just stare

With nobody else to blame, I hung my head in shame
As a truck pulled my car out of the quagmire
I looked at my dirty car, then around me, sunflowers were bobbing and laughing
The truck driver looked at me, for the car was not something you could admire

If I had followed the sign, then by tomorrow I would have reached my hometown
But now it was my fault and I couldn't do anything
I sat on a rock, I saw some sand, half eroded by wind
Or wait a minute is it another quagmire, I am not curious to see that thing
-Gaurang Rao