Sunday, August 21, 2011

Poem 170 - Titanic

A storm, unlucky ship is at sea
As thunder roars and and waves crash
People shout, sailors panic as cracks build upon the ship
People run here and there, there is a sudden water splash

People scared, wondering is it time to say goodbye?
Crew members tell not to panic,not useful, and they are not viable
The ship crashes against a rock, is it a shipwreck?
The ship splits, paint flies, and nothing is stable

So many gasps, as people fall into the hungry sea
Emergency boats are let down, crew members man the oars
People now scared, start screaming and don't stay mute
As people try to jump in boats, unfortunate people fall into the sea in scores

People stare as the last part of the ship sinks
Only a few were saved, families begin to cry
The unpleasant storm now ends, seems to be pleased to have caused so many deaths
Again it's a new day, but people still sad, thinking of the people who did die
-Gaurang Rao


  1. Oh your post brought back to me the scenes of that movie that I have thought too disappointing and scary for me. Lost of dream! Lost of love!


  2. Titanic seems to be a popular topic today!! Mine too is connected to sailing and the sea!! :)

  3. A very good poem Gaurang. I was disappointed to see a commenter referring to THE FILM!! The film was a load of trite, Hollywood hogwash! The Titanic was a real ship, and its sinking a real, tragic event. If people are going to be affected, then be affected by reality, not Hollywood melodrama.

  4. Very good telling of the tale. Interestingly enough, I live on the small island in Atlantic Canada that had the first Marconi radio set that recieved the Titanic's radio calls for help.

  5. beautiful.
    keep it up..

    check us out.
    hope to see you share.


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