Thursday, July 21, 2011

Poem 164 - The wrong colored world

Traveling in a rocket, supposed to go to the moon
I slept off, I was alone, I landed soon
Putting oxygen cylinders, getting out of the flying object
There was something that I really did not expect

A world with river, that was not blue
Trees are strange shaped and are funny too
All flowers are only white
Hmm... Wait a minute something is not right

Actually everything is wrong, blue cat on a tree
Clouds shaped like buildings I do see
Maybe I should get out of here
To the rocket I edge near and near

I turn around the rocket is gone
There is just a purple colored lawn
Suddenly I wake up I was asleep, I didn't reach the Moon
I looked out of the window, where I expected to see the world maroon
-Gaurang Rao


  1. I loved the maroon world in the last line! Makes me wonder which planet you were on. Thanks for playing, spaceman.♥

  2. I like your dreamy world, Gaurang. It really is an "almost" picture - but almost what...just like dreams. Nice work.

  3. Lovely fantasy. So Jinksy's picture took you beyond the earth as well :)

  4. A purple lawn and a blue cat in a tree? I wonder to which planet you traveled ;-)

  5. Sounds like a kaleidoscope of a dream!

  6. Waking up must have been quite a relief:-)

  7. what a pity you woke up, you were having such fun.

  8. Heheh - wrong colored, but sounds rather fun.


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