Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Poem 156 - A Photo

Just that one photo of hers made him cry
He loved her so much and now she had died
Alone and sad, now he wanted to die
Each time he looked at the photo he cried
Leaning on the door thinking of his love,
About his dead wife he kept thinking of
He felt like the only man alone now
He sat on his bed and gave a sad cough
Broke the photo, tried not to think of her
But only her nice face came to his mind
He closed his eyes, shed another tear
The past, good memories he did rewind
Once again to his mind came the photo
To heaven he also wanted to go
-Gaurang Rao


  1. …Gaurang this is amazing write… you did pull the right amount of sadness and bitterness here… within those 14 lines, i can feel your heart though young it may seem… good job on the sonnet and the prompt.(:

    Brightest blessings.


  2. Very sad! Photos evoke so many memories.

  3. I agree with Jabblog and think as she does about your poem.

  4. This just breaks my heart, beautiful and deeply emotionally

  5. death is powerful hit.
    beautiful tale on it.

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  6. thanks for visiting my blog and for following it. i greatly appreciate it.

    have a wonderful blogging time...


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