Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Poem 180 - A wish to start afresh

Daydreaming in the garden, looking at the sky in silence, about a new world
Where we could start afresh, and not pollute the planet
Where people would never learn how to pollute
A place where all of us will love to live, I bet

For, it will be a place with beautiful mountains, and unpolluted rivers
A place where people are not polluting, and not corrupted
And if a person from there would see the current Earth, would wonder
Isn't our green world better than their's which is gray and red

But maybe, we are still not trapped, it's not too late to change where we are
But we should start today, because tomorrow might be too late
And so if there will never be a new world, it's time to fix ours
For this is also a planet that can be made great
-Gaurang Rao


  1. Beautifully said. You have great future!

  2. This planet is certainly in need of a little care and attention! Than you for riding the Tandem today. :)

  3. handsome thoughts,

    well penned.

  4. I wish for this as well. Thank you for contributing at the Whirl. :)

  5. So inspiring. I love your wish to start this world anew.


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