Sunday, May 15, 2011

Poem 146 - The Mirror Maze

A dark room, red lights on the ceiling
I was alone gave me a strange feeling
I saw almost ten mirror images of me
I walked ahead, another man I did see

I walked to him, another mirror my hands did touch
I was starting to get confused, so very much
I wanted to escape from this mirror maze
I didn't know where to go, there were so many ways

Just as I found the door, a statue came out from the ground
I don't know from where it came, for it made no sound
I quickly just jumped out of the door
To my mom and dad - my story, I did pour
-Gaurang Rao


  1. Such an interesting poem and interpretation of the photo. I read it almost las if you were describing a dream of many images... Life's like that!


  2. Dream-like and fascinating. I wondered if the man you saw in the mirror was your future self. Well-constructed and enjoyable to read. Thanks.


  3. I liked yours; it had a dreamy quality. So many ways to interpret a dream~ Great imagery!


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