Monday, December 26, 2011

Poem 187 - A joyous week

Right after receiving gifts from Santa
Around the corner comes new year
After attending Christmas festive parties
Its a great time to let out a cheer

I still have belief in Santa
That he comes at night and throws gifts through chimneys
And when we wake up in the morning
There are so many gifts under our Christmas trees

The rumpled paper, sits on the floor,waiting to be thrown
As we tear open the gifts, to see what's behind the wrapping
And share the excitement with my sister
I wonder, when Santa gave the gifts, for I never heard bells ringing
-Gaurang Rao

Poem 186 - Happy December

Step out of the door
See the ground covered with snow
Oh! Christmas has come!
-Gaurang Rao

A belated Merry Christmas to you all!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Poem 185 - The boat of life

As the boat of life goes on, every person grows
We learn something every day
The boat of life might have a few problems
But it fights till the last piece of wood, breaks away

The boat of life teaches us things that might be good
But you can't tell if the boat of life is taking you in the right way
The boat of life might have to face a few storms
But still it takes them as a challenge, and alive it does stay

So, why not like this boat
Take every problem like a challenge
And learn to respect and forgive
Instead of taking revenge
-Gaurang Rao

Poem 184 - Christmas is around the corner

Am I dreaming a fairy tale or is this true
December has come, and Christmas is near too
Waiting for Santa Claus to give us presents
Almost forgetting it is given by our parents

Eating sweets and of course singing songs
Feeling like it's a new year and correcting all your wrongs
Oh! How we wait for Christmas to come
The month of December can never be glum

I look at the Christmas tree
There it is standing, decorated and happy
Waiting to be crowded by gifts in a few days
There in the dining room the Christmas tree lays

Christmas, Christmas I can't wait anymore
In fact I am expecting Santa Claus to knock on the door
Christmas, Christmas you are just a week away
But still I miss you every single day
-Gaurang Rao

Poem 183 - Happy B'day Dad!!

Dad, You are really great
To wish you, I couldn't wait
You really are my superstar
And awesome you really are

Happy Birthday dear dad
Together so much fun we've had
I love you so very much
That I can't explain the amount in English or Dutch
-Gaurang Rao

This is the poem I gave my dad on his birthday

Poem 182 - Happy B'day Sis!!

Happy Birthday dear sis
The badminton and rummy days I do miss
Mow as you turn sixteen years old
I've realized you are much more valuable than gold

On your face keep that beautiful smile
And in front of the mirror don't do too much style :)
It's almost a habit for us to fight
But at the end everything is alright

It's great to have you with me
And I got you without paying any fee
Wish you loads of happiness and luck
And in your life you should never get stuck
-Gaurang Rao

This is the poem I gave my sister on her birthday

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Poem 181 - Sometimes I wonder

Sometimes I wonder - why this earth is gray and not green
Sometimes I wonder, how the Earth gets more polluted unseen
Sometimes I wonder, how the clouds move in front of my eyes
Sometimes I wonder, how god controls the Earth from above the skies

Sometimes I wonder why there are more black clouds than white
Sometimes I wonder isn't it time to reunite
Sometimes I wonder, why is this earth so gray
Sometimes I wonder, can we change what can be our last day?
-Gaurang Rao