Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Poem 202 - Painting It Yellow?

He appeared healthy, but a bit Sallow was Mr. Nate
Though I would like to, unfortunately I can't illustrate
And when Mr. Jake asked him, "What happened dear fellow?"
Falsely he said, "Oh Jake, can't you see I've painted my face yellow?"
~Gaurang Rao

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Poem 201 - School Trip

And I had been to a trip with my school
It was really fun, and cool
Having fun with friends for four days
And in Kerala the wonderful overnight stays
Going shopping and riding on the ferry
It was really fun, it was all merry
Dancing and singing
Talking And Laughing
Everything went really, very well
And the whole thing to you to I can't really tell
-Gaurang Rao

Monday, October 8, 2012

Poem 200 - The Lady

A scream, as I walk through the woods
My bag full of medicines and other goods
And I bravely went towards the scream on the heavenly lane
For it was a scream not of joy or anger, but filled with pain
I saw a cottage, pretty strange to be in the middle of nowhere, I went there all the same
I knocked, wondering whether I should retreat my steps, for no one came
That's when I heard a pain filled groan from behind the door
I opened the door, for I could wait no more
And you want to know what I saw in there?
A poor, sick lady sobbing in her chair
I touched her head and I knew she had fever
Taking some medicine I made her swallow it, for I could not leave her
And now whenever I pass the cottage, I always stop for tea
Yes, she's fine again, a bit of kindness saved her you see?
-Gaurang Rao

Friday, October 5, 2012

Poem 199 - Sour Day

Mr. Smith took a ripe lemon off a tree
Thinking its a sweet lime he took  a bite into it with glee
So sour it was that he closed his eyes
He started dancing around in surprise 
He went to his wife and told "To Sweet Limes I Do Have An Allergy"

OH poor Mr. Smith!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Poem 198 - A fresh new start

As creativity comes back into me
I get this feeling that makes me happy and free
And sometimes even though I don't know what to write
I come hear to write which makes my heart light

Though I haven't written quite a lot this year
With new thoughts and hope I come over here
 I really don't want to be absent in the place where I can dream my dreams
Think the unthinkable, and write for new memes
-Gaurang Rao

Poem 197 - The prank not played

So many pranks played on me by my sister
So I decided to play a wonderful prank on her
To scare her from under the table was the prank I did pick
But sitting under the table, gave my neck a crick 
I come out of the table, wondering if anyone has finished this prank, ever?
 -Gaurang Rao