Friday, August 12, 2011

Poem 168 - The moon sets without being noticed

Sitting on the sill, looking at each other
Not knowing, under a tree, a little hedgehog is watching the two
Their eyes locked in each others
The sun has set, it is a night that is fresh and new

Romance in the air, as she clutches his hand
A light dance begins, as they sway from side to side
As the love story begins
The hedgehog's eyes are open wide

Both having the pleasure to be with one another
The hedgehog feel's he shouldn't be there
The moon has set it is almost a new day, the love story is not over
Though the dance is over, about the hedgehog they are not aware

But the love story still does not end, as the hedgehog thinks
Will they think of each other till they die?
The hedgehog says it's time to go
And don't you think time just did fly?
-Gaurang Rao


  1. That was so beautiful and bordering on some good humor too!! LOL!! :D I liked the hedgehog and it looked just like you :) A smart poem incorporating five meme's!! Well done Gaurang!!

  2. Interesting, written from another point of view. Good call on the hedgehog :)

  3. I enjoyed the sentiment and the images that arrived!

  4. Your Magpie goes well with the full moon this evening!!


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