Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Poem 291 - Happy New Year

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Resolutions to make, parties to attend
It is time to enjoy with many a friend
Happy new year, and a prosperous one
May it be filled with happiness and fun

~Gaurang Rao

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Poem 290 - Horoscope

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My horoscope says
I'll have a prosperous year
I hope it comes true

Like the sun will rise
No doubts in my horoscope
Happy new year (to you!)
~Gaurang Rao

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Poem 289 - Expectations - Safer Home

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I live in garbage
Dirty water actually
This isn't living

Man pollutes my home
Expecting a safer home;
In the other world

~Gaurang Rao

Written as a part of - http://haiku-heights.blogspot.ae/

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Poem 288 - The Current Youth

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It seems, we are the future, is it true?
And what are we supposed to do? I have no clue
Questions or riddles actually and I'm answer-less
If we are the future, the world might be a mess
With this generation, I have to cooperate?
And you expect us to wake up earlier than half-past eight?
And by telling me that we - the youth are the future makers, nice joke I say
We'll destroy it not create I'll bet any day
This generation, where technology has overtaken studies
And reading books is not as important as "hanging out" with 'buddies'
Will we change you think? I feel hopeless
We really seem to be in quite a big mess
Hopefully this will all be a big lie
I'm pretty sure you don't need to ask me 'why?'
~Gaurang Rao

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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Poem 287 - Pancake

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So crisp like paper
Magnificently she removes
Pancakes from the pan

They're brown as honey
Exquisite delicacy 
Hot, yummy pancake
~Gaurang Rao

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Monday, December 23, 2013

Poem 286 - The Best Gift

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What a gift I have
In my wonderful sister
The most precious gift 

Teases me a lot
But of course loves me much more

Helpful, loving, cool
I'm lucky to be gifted
A brilliant sister
~Gaurang Rao

Written as a part of - http://haiku-heights.blogspot.ae/

Monday, December 16, 2013

Poem 285 - The Magic Of Childhood

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These few years, I'll hopefully enjoy to the most
After school days, who'll consider me a child?
Will I be considered small enough to be scared of ghosts?
And in a few years, I won't be able to act wild

Childhood has its magic in a beautiful way
Noticed by us almost at the last moment
Wont it be too late, to enjoy childhood to the fullest on the last day?
And when childhood's almost over, you don't know where it went

You won't be able to have a snow-fight
You won't be considered innocent when you go for a midnight snack
All these privileges, just as a child, it seems to give us so much might
And when you've realised you have wasted the magic of childhood, its too late to turn back

Pillow fights, sleepovers and what not for today
This special limited offer pack of  happiness and fun
Seems to be the most valuable yet shortest of joy's stay
And yet, when you notice it - childhood's almost done 

Just almost done :D
~Gaurang Rao

Written as a part of - http://poetryjaam.blogspot.ae/

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Poem 284 - Happy B'day Sis!

Fourteen years have passed in a day i guess
For all this time has been so less
Wasn't it yesterday that we were fighting for the laptop?
And wasn't it mummy who made us stop?
Wasn't it yesterday you saw a lizard and started screaming
Is it really fourteen years? Or am I dreaming?
Time goes fast, but we never have the time to realise
By fighting and wasting time we were so unwise
But agree it, the amount we fought, was the best part of us
Shouting and hitting we created such a fuss
Fourteen years all the time we've been together - so much fun
I don't think we've forgiven each other for all the phan
Akka, I love you and I cant express it
But I'm pretty sure you understand every bit

Dropping nail polish on the floor?
Sending each other notes from under the door?
Me taking my revenge and irritating you?
Those good old days so precious and few

Dancing around mummy - and the longest hug competition
Thinking about it - what a wonderful vision
Happy eighteenth Akka
Though I've been there only for fourteen
I'm pretty sure your life was boring without me
Mine would be too without you - you see?
Happy birthday Akka...and may you have many more
~Gaurang Rao