Thursday, September 29, 2011

Poem 175 - Princes and Witches

"Abracadabra" hissed the witch, turning the prince into a bird
The bird sat on the rock, angry eyes on the witch
Claps of thunder, rain pours down onto the streets
The witch dances and laughs, as the rain fills every pothole and ditch

The bird feels wet, he feels cold
The witch laughs and says "Only a flower can save the prince
And I have kept the flower at the top of the tower", actually a lighthouse
The witch forgets, the bird can fly, and starts to dance

The bird starts to fly, and the witch notices
And as the bird reaches the tower,
The witch mounts her broomstick
As she helplessly watches the bird, stand on the flower

The bird turns back to a prince
The witch turns into ash
Everything is alright again
As the witch's long tower falls into the sea with a splash
-Gaurang Rao


  1. I like how the world is a fantasy one of witche and prince at the same time as it has the very everyday real elements like potholes and ditches. I enjoy the whimsy of the bird standing upon the flower to become a prince again (rather than eating it or sniffing it). And it's great how you end things with a splash!

  2. Gaurang - you created a matching atmosphere in the poem - the rainy weather matches the mood of the event happening in the poem. I am puzzled, how did the bird know about the flower, when you say only the witch knew that only a flower can save the prince? Well done, anyway.

  3. gaurang-the poem is awesome

  4. Very gripping story Gaurang, of the witch and the bird!! Looks like 'All izz well that ends well'!! :) Only hope that the Prince was out of the tower before it went SPLASH! :D

  5. Loved this...It tells a story that you must stay with until its end!!

  6. Abracadabra is such a fun word...

  7. Very nice. The world of fantasy is so good, because the witches always die in the end. :)


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