Monday, January 31, 2011

Poem 75 - Play Day When I Was 5

Mother told me that she will pick me at four
Saying that she left, could see her through the glass door
I went to play sat on the horse
But for that too there were small wars

Every Child liked the shaking toy
Every single girl, every single boy
Fifty pence was the horse's fees
Though you had to pay there was no peace

But really the horse would give music and would shake
That is why the horse everybody did take
Soon it was four I had to go
But when my mother came I said "NO"

Dragged me across the room, all eyes on me
Embarrassed, my mom was that I could see
She put me in the car took me back home
I was sad missed the horse.
-Gaurang Rao

Poem 74 - Why wars ?`

Why should there be wars when there can be peace
The world can work at an amount of ease
Just there shouldn't be any fight
That is how we could make our future bright

I ask god "Why do we fight"
He answered me in my dreams, yesterday night
He told me that fights weren't created by him
And suddenly he was not there, only his shadow now very dim

With the world in this state I couldn't relax
Even this minute people are giving each other whacks
For example Egypt's people are being threatened
Everywhere people are frightened

I really hope the world will change
Already it is in a bad stage
So people please try not to fight
Because what you are doing is it right?
-Gaurang Rao

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Poem 73 - Prince's story

Daylight, evening and dark, said to be guards around the prince
Couldn't see the prince's charming grins
Always seemed to be in his unseen, secret room
So that he would be safe and so he never he would meet his doom

Well one day a witch had told that in her hands he will die
He never came out of his room that is why
For a long time nobody has seen his face
Of where he was, that was no trace

But what is happening to him is an utmost mystery
One day from his room will he be free?
Well this is for him to know and us to find out
Well the prince's story it was about
-Gaurang Rao

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Poem 72 - The Fire Bird

Was walking on an empty piece of land
Not simply, I was sent on an errand
I the warrior had to catch the great fire bird
But nobody I feared

Ah! Resting was the mighty thing
Seemed to have a fiery wing
Saw me opened it's mouth to blow fire
I quickly jumped and hung on an electric wire

It made a black spot in the empty ground
From his mouth came an angry sound
The Bird really roared
Made me take out my sword

The sounds made me think it was a dragon
Sent from the god of the sun
Really it almost burnt my armor
To fight, my mind did usher

And guess what I captured it
After I got many a hit
I just tricked him by sitting lightly on a dug up hole
In a minute he was inside looking like burning coal

I took him back to my boss
This time with me he wasn't cross
In fact he gave me a trophy
He finally awarded me
-Gaurang Rao

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Poem 71 - The Old Rusty Car

The Old Rusted Car Was Janky
It looked as dirty as an unwashed hankie
Still Mr. Smith just was in love with his car
But usually it would break down on the way and won't go far

One day on his way to office he met colleague on the street
Mr. Smith told his colleague "Well in my car you can take a seat"
Into the old dirty car went the neat and tidy man
But when he smelt the car's atmosphere he almost ran

Mr. Smith's Driving was awfully bad
It almost made his colleague go mad
"Scooch over please I will drive" said the colleague politely
Colleague tried to drive and almost hit into a tree

"Hasn't your car got any brakes" asked his office mate
The angry colleague said "This car has to be thrown at any rate"
Very late both of them reached the office
An important meeting they did miss

Boss had a conniption over their lateness
But still Mr. Smith's car is in a mess
To each other the Colleague and Mr. Smith didn't speak
Mr. Smith to the colleague, forgiveness he didn't seek
-Gaurang Rao

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Poem 70 - Bank Robbery

I went in the crowded bank to withdraw some cash
Heard Gun shots when I was about to take the money stash
I quickly turned around saw men fully in Black
With the guns they had they could give you a proper whack

"Hands Up" under a mask a muffled voice ringed through the air
In a minute all hands shot up after the voice gave that scare
They Came pointing the guns and stole all the money we had
If they didn't have guns I swear I would have gone mad

They ran out and jumped in a mud covered license plate car
In a minute from the bank they were very far
Everybody started shouting and panicking
"They took the money which I withdrew for my daughter's wedding"

Blood streamed across the front door. A security's stained cap
Now had died the security "Poor Old Chap"
All the phone lines had been disconnected
"What about my daughter's Wedding!" the same voice said

Left, After all there was nothing I could do
Woefully, Many other people went too
All lost at least a month's savings
Nowadays strange are these things
-Gaurang Rao

Monday, January 24, 2011

Poem 69 - A batty night

Queer noises made me get up from my dear sleep
Now Wide Awake I went to the window
From there I saw a strange castle, steep
Near the tall, new big castle I did go

It seemed to be from Rapunzel's story
Only one arched window and that was all
Through the window just darkness I could see
Again came the noise from the castle, tall

Out from the window came a bat's body
But it seemed to have a small fairy's head
It made the queer noise, flew off suddenly
Through the night's darkness it's own way it led

Castle vanished as strangely as it came
Decided to go home, was I there yet?
The castle left marks, no one took the blame
But that night such a strange thing my eyes met
-Gaurang Rao

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Poem 68 - A Letter to God

Dear God,

Today in the forest my car's tire
Got stuck in the muddy quagmire
For help A lot of time I had to wait
Sat on a rock, saw the nature great

Birds, happy chirped every now and then
Far Away I saw a lion's den
The rock I sat on was shaped in a beautiful way
So till I got help in that spot I did stay

It is true you always made things great
But to look at things we never did wait
Thank You God the beauty of nature you made me realize
To make things like this you must be very wise

I love you so much, I wish to spend my eternity with you
Today you made my life feel so new

Thank You God

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Poem 67 - Big Circus

I Heard that a circus had come to our village
In my mind of the circus there was a beautiful image
About Circuses I had Heard and Read
But to one also I hadn't attended

I asked my father "To the circus can we go?"
But luckily he did not say no
The full family caught the bus
And now we headed to the circus

As we reached I saw a very big tent
Jumped off the bus running excitedly I went
As I sat I heard trumpets blow
And I knew that about to start was the show

First came the riders on horses
Wearing Beautiful New Dresses
Then Came the funny flipping clowns
A bright red nose, black long gowns

Then came a cricketer elephant
And he really almost blew down the tent
Horses, Elephants, Clowns and many an acrobat
And Oh! The ring leader with his whip and hat

At the circus it was a fun evening
I saw so many thing in the big ring
But that was the end of the show
And I had to happy yet sadly go
-Gaurang Rao

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Poem 66 - A walk in the snow

I Put on my coat went for a walk
I ran out of the house after my door I did lock
I saw children playing Red Indians
With sticks and no toy guns

I passed by a few women
They were in a group of ten
They were happily laughing
They were excitedly talking

People were very happy
That I could of course see
The walk made my body feel better
Making me warm was the coat's fur

I saw a sight which was surreal
And I really thought it wasn't real
It just looked like a painted picture
Of a Beautiful Free Snow Tiger

I ran off a bit scared of the creature
"Tigers are dangerous" had told my teacher
I went back on an other way
Where I saw frozen hay

It looked really completely funny
As it was covered with snow, the color of a bunny
Now the hill I did descend
So that at the bottom, time I could spend

I reached the end of the hill
Everything seemed to be still
Here everything was quiet
There was no noise, no fight

I went on saw a wall on which was written 'KILL'
I saw a man near it, through my back went a chill
To my home I decided to return
So I did run after I did turn
-Gaurang Rao

Poem 65 - Jallianwala Bagh Incident

In the Jallianwala Bagh Incident
Thousands of Indians to heaven they went
In this tragic true tale
Died many a female and male

The people saw the gates had closed
With Guns the British Officers Posed
They killed people who were innocent
By killing I don't know what they meant

Parents and Children they did kill
At their own selfish will
Fire! Fire! Dyer Commanded
In a minute many people were dead
-Gaurang Rao

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Poem 64 - The Invisibility Machine

Dense in the jungle I found this machine
It was in the middle of all the green
It could make anything invisible
A Human Being, A Lion, A seagull

Oh wasn't I lucky to find the totally strange object
With which invisible could become any animal or insect
Unfortunately I didn't try the Invisibility Device
Though with it I know it would be nice

Because at that time some Wild pygmies attacked me
And from them I couldn't get free
They caught hold of me very tightly
And they tied me to a very tall tree

But guess what all this was just a dream
Not like how it actually did seem
But that is how I still remember the pygmies
And the object between the deep green trees
-Gaurang Rao

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Poem 63 - A Thief's story

He was a good thief
Of the gang he was the chief
Today they went to the rob the king
Kings, wife's necklace, his daughter's ring

He planned it well
Now the tale I'll tell
He first dressed himself as a guard
But for a master thief that was not hard

Then he slowly headed to the palace's east wing
Where sitting was the king
There he jumped to the king and queen
Hoping that by the king he would be seen

And the king did see him
Looking very grim
While talking to the king and queen
He took the princess's necklace unseen

He didn't manage to take the ring
But now at least he had got away from the king
He ran from the palace at top speed
Little did he know that he had done a bad deed

There he found his gang
Their victory song they sang
But somehow he and his gang were caught
And the guards said they will be shot

They were accused of stealing the necklace
Oh! Now they had fallen in a mess
Amused were not the king and queen
Now the thieves knew the highness will be mean

The tale now ends at this place
Because the thief is hiding his face

-Gaurang Rao

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Poem 62 - Tasting a fruit cake

Moist was the fruit cake
It seemed to have had a good bake
I bought a few slices from the bakery
Owner was my friend, so I got them for free

To my harmless dog I gave a slice
It seemed to say "Well it's better than rice"
It ate the slice in a small moment
Oh Now one slice in my tummy it went

Delicious was the fresh new cake
One more slice I did take
Because it was too tasty
It was as good as my mom's pastry

My dog gave a yelp as I took one more slice
It seemed to say " Hey give me one, It is nice
I laughed and gave it one more slice
And I can tell you my dog is really wise
-Gaurang Rao

Monday, January 10, 2011

Poem 61 - The Cat Palace

A palace all for only the cats
For meals they get meat or rats
The Most powerful Cat Queen
Was really and truly very Mean

The cruel Queen makes pygmies her slaves
The pygmies thought they will be better in their graves
But they knew that every dark night has a brighter day
So in the palace as slaves they did stay

The queen cat wore a golden robe
Which she took from her special Wardrobe
She came walking in the Dining Room
But there she finally met her doom

Because there was the New Queen
Who was kind and not mean
Now she had taken over the cat kingdom
She would take care of every cat slum

It was a rule that Queen cats changed every year
And now the old queen's time was very near
In a few hours she will be a normal cat
With no golden robe, no golden hat
-Gaurang Rao

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Poem 60 - A walk in the park

I decided to take a walk with my dog
It was early in the morning so there was fog
After some time we reached the park
My dog entered giving one excited bark

It was beautiful to see fresh flowers
They bloomed so early in the morning hours
I felt more better as I played here and there
My happiness with my dog I did share

I decided to come here everyday
June, July, August or May
Because it is really fun
To play while rising is the sun

There was abundance of nature
It was better than a picture
To describe it is tough
But believe me this is not bluff

My dog too was very happy
It barked excitedly at every tree
I enjoyed my morning walk
And I can say it did Rock
-Gaurang Rao

Friday, January 7, 2011

Poem 59 - An accident

I climbed up the crowded staircase
I was worried in many ways
I had reached the hospital
Hoping my friend hadn't broken his skull

Yes he had fallen of the stairs
It was worse than nightmares
Because it happened in front of me
him falling, I wish I didn't see

It was an awful sight after he fell
Down he fell pell-mell
On the spiral staircase he rolled
Help, somebody! he told

But it was already too very late
And on the hard ground was my mate
So I now hope he will be well
And hope his head doesn't swell
-Gaurang Rao

Monday, January 3, 2011

Poem 58 - A Funny Morning Walk

Usually I wake up very, very late
Because waking up early I do really hate
Today, for a change I woke up early
Waking up early happens annually :)

So I went for quite an early morning walk
On my way I saw a bull and it I did mock
To make matters worse I had worn a red shirt
As it started chasing me I knew I'll get hurt

In a minute my shirt I did throw away
And then it became child's play
Because it went towards my shirt
And for that it's direction it needed to divert

I had to go home shirtless
That is without half my dress
I was being laughed at by everyone
Even by the people, even by the sun
-Gaurang Rao

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Poem 57 - Witnessing a football match

Our school football team had made progress
The other team still seemed to be in a mess
Well maybe the other team didn't practice
But still this match I didn't want to miss

And of course our team did win the game
Actually always it is the exact same
The only thing is that the team is different
But always we win and the other team is silent
-Gaurang Rao

Poem 56 - A hunters life

All the animals froze as they saw me
With my favorite hunting gun in hand
I stood a little away from the tree
Standing quietly on the brown soft sand

I took aim on a very small rabbit
But in half a second it noticed me
It ran away before I could hit it
Only thing in sight was the chickadee

But it's beauty calmed me down easily
So the very small poor bird I didn't kill
But very soon the forest guards caught me
So in the drain went my nice shooting skill
-Gaurang Rao

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Poem 55- A year over

Three Sixty Five days have gone
And a new year is just on
Starting it's new first good day
"Let this year be good" I pray

In this fresh new beginning
Good luck mostly it will bring
I pray that things go right
And that my future is bright

Pray that all of us succeed
And like warriors we lead
Give poor what they really need
Don't give small 'coz of your greed

Let this year be good for all
For the big, fat, tall, and small
Very good luck I do wish you
Because this year is just new
-Gaurang Rao