Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Poem 142 - Hand Wrestling

I foolishly challenged my friend to hand wrestle with me
We both put our hands up, each others eyes and hands we did see
The winner would get a chocolate , sponsored by another friend
So still, the winner - money he didn't need to spend

He was too powerful for, this weakling me
His hands hurt mine, I begged for mercy
My friend relished on the chocolate bar
While I sat with my aching hands in my car
-Gaurang Rao


  1. Hey, I like the way you rhymed this and managed to fit the three little words in so seamlessly!

  2. Well done indeed - it's a pity, but you can't win them all, not even for chocolate.

  3. I hope your hand is fine now ;) I like your rhyming scheme and the light take on the topic :) Its refreshing !

  4. Nice!
    I've lost many an arm wrestle but thankfully it was for chores only lol

  5. The was a great peek into your daily doing! Nice poem.

  6. A lovely lesson, there.. well done... I know you will beat him in mind's games..

  7. Arm wrestle for pizza maybe, chocolate I could always pass on. Nice one, put some ice on the arm now.

  8. I think you are the winner, your friend just had a chocolate that disappeared, whereas your poem is read for a long time. Cheers.

  9. ...that's a fun read Gaurang... i must say i enjoyed it... very very much... it reminds me of my childhood... when i was at your age i used to play the same with my older brother... thanks for the memories...:)

    Good day.


  10. I didn't have to wrestle with this one, nice.

  11. it is never foolish to try. plus, there was a chocolate bar at stake...i think you really had no other choice.


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