Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Poem 167 - The Imaginary Painting

An empty lane, only a old bench there
If only it was not uneven and jagged
Cars could be driven there
Some noise from vehicles the lane lacked

If only there could be a few more trees
Where birds could chirp and children play
I painted a picture in my head
Hoping the beautiful image would stay

Have a distant look at my mind
No you still can't see what I see
Trees grow, birds chirp, cars stop in the traffic
And there is a more happier me

More beautiful houses, to decorate the lane
I hoped it wouldn't be as silent as it was in this lane
It is always too dark and quiet
But for now the lane was silent, quite, dark and standing in pain
-Gaurang Rao

Poem 166 - Cycling Day

I am cycling it is a happy day
A beautiful weather, I hope it does stay
I happily sing as I pedal along
I raised my hands to dance with the song
I fell down in a stack of hay
-Gaurang Rao

Written for and image provided by - http://magpietales.blogspot.com/

Monday, July 25, 2011

Poem 165 - Ice Cream Shop

In the Ice Cram Shop,
Many flavors of Ice Creams
Don't know which to choose
-Gaurang Rao

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Poem 164 - The wrong colored world

Traveling in a rocket, supposed to go to the moon
I slept off, I was alone, I landed soon
Putting oxygen cylinders, getting out of the flying object
There was something that I really did not expect

A world with river, that was not blue
Trees are strange shaped and are funny too
All flowers are only white
Hmm... Wait a minute something is not right

Actually everything is wrong, blue cat on a tree
Clouds shaped like buildings I do see
Maybe I should get out of here
To the rocket I edge near and near

I turn around the rocket is gone
There is just a purple colored lawn
Suddenly I wake up I was asleep, I didn't reach the Moon
I looked out of the window, where I expected to see the world maroon
-Gaurang Rao

Poem 163 - Early Country Morning

Standing on the farm, early at six
Dew drops on flowers and grass, cold frosted morning
Happy to be visiting the farm today
Cows moo, sheep baa, hens cluck and birds sing

All animals happy, cows give lots of milk
Hens cluck, farmer's wife collects good quality eggs
Sun shines, it seems to be happy, as men toil at the fields
I look at my hands, little dirty, I have soil covered legs

My thoughts jiggled, as I wandered near the flower beds
Oh! What a place this is - a farm
A place where you can get dirty, but have fun
Without much harm
-Gaurang Rao

Monday, July 18, 2011

Poem 162 - The Masked Secrets

Mask on the wall, looking straight at my eye
Artistic colors, a nice black and white
So creepy, who knows what those eyes lie
Keep distance from those eyes, they glows at night
Ever glowing eyes, with its evil look
Death scaring lips, which carry a wild smile
Slightly white crooked nose, my head I shook
Eek! Is it fake, or a mask that is fragile
Colored spots on the face, they're black and good
Read its unseen mind, what is it thinking?
Evil face it has, does not even eat food
Throw it away, for it is disturbing
Scary mask now gone, its in the garbage
Now I confess I threw it in a rage
-Gaurang Rao

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Poem 161 - Tears of anger

Standing there alone and sad, shivering in the cold
Walked to the cold bench sat on it, teeth chattering away
Deep in thoughts of sad memories, he felt himself getting angry
He had done nothing, when he saw them dying, on the bench he did lay

All that came to his mind was the scene of their death
He tried not to think of them, he felt like he had ruined his life
He didn't go back to his home, he didn't want the memories
Sad, angry, lonely, without his own daughter and wife

Looked at the sky, shouted, screamed and cried from his heart
Tears rolled down his cheek to his chin
He remembered, how he played with his daughter
And how his wife's heart he did win

Of the millions and millions of people, why just him
Crying tears of hatred, towards himself, he cried out loud and sad
Again the memories captivated him, as he stood on the road
Car came on the road killed him, enough of his respected life he had had
-Gaurang Rao

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Poem 160 - A Chess Game

Sitting there, eyebrows frowned thinking of, a move that can be played
My opponent, after much indecision, a move he made
Now I had two options, either to kill his bishop or knight
After I took his bishop, he too did fight

He brought his pawn to the last line, where he lends his pawn and borrows a queen
He gave me a check, which I had neither thought of, nor seen
After escaping the check, the fate of my queen was decided after he killed it right there
He finally gave me a checkmate, which was fair and square

Before he'd given me the checkmate, only my lonely king stood
It stood there, looking scared but good
The handshake at the end, ended our game
It was an interesting match, but my opponent won all the same.

By the way, I have mentioned all the chess pieces except for one. If you know it please leave it with your comment.
-Gaurang Rao

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Poem 159 - Vanamahotsava

Vanamahotsava is a day on which, all Indians are supposed to plant and save trees. It is done, as many forests are being cut down and animals are dying. It is to remind us, how much trees are worth.

Saving trees is our responsibility
Death of a tree can lead to a calamity
Cut one tree, plant five more
Cutting even a branch, is like cutting your house's door

Less things of wood should be made
We should always be there for any tree's aid
Cutting a tree, is like stopping someone from being alive
It can be a bird and its nest, or a bee and its hive

Plant a tree whether you are an Indian or not
Don't let the Earth die and rot
If we don't save trees, for the next generation it is not fair
So every tree we must love and give it lots of care
-Gaurang Rao

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Poem 158 - A Rainy Day

Rainy Day, Umbrellas are up
Sipping hot coffee in a cup
Reading a newspaper and watching the rain
The farmer is happy, the potter is in pain

Making my socks sticky and muddy
When the rain falls the umbrella is my buddy
Car drives by splashes water on me
People smile, as my muddy shoes I see

I go back home, wash my legs thoroughly
It is time to eat hot food and watch T.V
As the rain passes to the next town
On my bed, sleepy and tired I break down
-Gaurang Rao

Poem 157 - A Cloudy Dream

Flying in a cloud, more like a boat, people seem to have oars
I see other clouds, I hear a soft sound, sitting next to me a man snores
We seem to be going in a round, but from below I hear no noise
Down I see, rivers and woods, "Hold on to the boat" says a voice

I turn around to see a man, looking similar to god, guiding the boat
Am I going to heaven? But for now with these people, I'd like to float
Though I am flying in the air I don't feel strange now
I was even expecting the moon to be covered by a flying cow

A nasty wind blows a woman's shawl away
It disappears in another cloud, as the boat does sway
Suddenly the wonderful dream does cease
There is no more nasty wind, just a heated -breeze
-Gaurang Rao