Monday, April 25, 2011

Poem 138 - Dance Along!

Sitting on the couch watching boring television channels
Some showing recipes, others movies and some animals
In one channel an awesome rock song replaces a cartoon
I drum along with the beats, using a fork and a spoon

I wondered what was the secret behind all this music
As the drums beat louder I jump, dance and kick
The T.V along with the music, it shows a video, a horse and a boy
Horse dances with the beats, the boy sits on the horse, like it's a toy

After the song - people clap, the boy and horse do shine
My dog, joins me to see them clap, everything goes fine
The boy seemed to be holding a happy heart
For him and the horse, it was a good dancing career start
-Gaurang Rao


  1. That's a lively poem. It literally jumps out to you. :)

  2. wonderful rhymes :)

  3. All we need is the mentioned music and a happy heart, don't you think?
    here is mine:

  4. Lovely've incorporated so many memes. I am very impressed! Nicely written.

  5. A dancing pony and boy...that is a unique take..thank you for posting....bkm

  6. what a delightful prompt for the TV. I am glad that I finally got around to visiting you from Theme Thursday

  7. Amazing Poem and nice blog too...
    You create beautiful visuals with words

  8. Love the phrase:"the boy seems to be holding a happy heart"
    Thank you for sharing!
    On Paper Wings

  9. love this one,
    playfully beautiful.


    See you on Sunday again.

  10. You are nominated under children’s literature category, please take some time to
    Vote before July 2,
    Have fun exploring your peer’s poetry/short stories,
    Thanks for the time!
    Your submission is pot of gold to us…
    Bless your day…..


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