Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Poem 148 - Chocolate Lover

I open the fridge, I grin as I touch the chocolate's cover
From the morning I had been waiting for this hour
Oooh! Chocolate, watering my mouth even while I think
My sister finds me with with the chocolate, to her I do wink

Shh! Don't tell mom, I will give you a bit
With a scissors in my hand, on the ground I sit
I take the wrapper off, I make the chocolate naked now
We both relish on the chocolate - we do love

We hear mom's footsteps, I hide the chocolate and wipe my lips
At the last possible moment, I lick my fingertips
Quickly open the fridge, Keep it behind some tomatoes
I close the fridge, the noise of mom's footsteps grows

She looks at us and gives us a suspicious look
We just smile and she goes back to cook
I take the wrapper from my pocket, throw it the dustbin
I shake the dustbin, the wrapper now, somewhere in the jumble
-Gaurang Rao

Sorry for not writing for a long time. Maybe you can call it a small break :)


  1. wow u just beautifully described the fun of having a chocolate, that too without mommy's permission. Very often I do that..
    Nice poem !!

  2. Greetings:

    How are you?

    Check out our short story slam today,

    We love creativity, your contribution is invaulable to us.

    Happy Saturday.


  3. I agree you really capture the element of forbidden pleasure but in an innocent way =)

  4. ..i hope i could be a chocolate lover again... but poor me...i couldn't be now since the day i was found by my allergy...(T___T)..

    Good day.


  5. Well Done; the forbidden indulgence...it lingers in our mind and taste buds! Great imagery~


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