Sunday, June 5, 2011

Poem 153 - Lazing on the hills

A cool breeze blew, I walk up the hills with the sheep
The hill covered with grass, smells nice, the sheep dance and leap
I sleep on my back, looking at the clouds, changing their shapes
I had bought my food basket, it had sandwiches, milk and grapes

I felt like a kid in Sound of Music, when they sang Doe - a deer
I heard a spring nearby, I found it, out came water crystal clear
I started singing, my sheep seemed to like the song
It came near me, I sang it fully, It was nice and long

I had a most delicious lunch after that
After eating the last sweet grape, my stomach I did pat
I walked back with the sheep, the picnic basket, now light
I hummed the song as I went, for me the day had turned bright
-Gaurang Rao
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  1. This is a really sweet poem that tells a simple story

  2. I agree... A very freeing story ! Nice !

  3. I wish I could have a day like this :), a playful write, nice and fun. Enjoy the potluck!

  4. the sound of music is one of my altime fav's and I love going up to the mountains. when I was younger there was a mountain my dad and I went to that reminds me so much of this poem. thank you for taking me back there.


  5. I love the music from the Sound of Music and now I have a feeling I'm going to be humming some of them.

  6. Makes me want to climb a mountain today and see some sheep or goats way up near the sky.

  7. This makes me want to have a picnic =)

  8. Are you really only a 7th grader?

  9. Wow. For your age, you have a real ability. Keep writing!

  10. simplification and word economy always a good idea

  11. Gaurang, This was the first poem I read this morning. It filled me with joy. Keep on writing; you have real promise! It's rare to find such perseverance and articulation in such a young writer. Your friend, Amy
    And here is a poem based on my daughter's generation, and yours, in love:

  12. Beautifully simple and wonderful.


  13. your poems sound so much better when it is about happiness!

  14. Your poem is very refreshing. So simple, yet wise. If only we all had days like this often. Good writing.

  15. Reading this brought to my mind Paulo Coelho's 'The Alchemist'. Nice feel of freedom!

  16. ...this was an excellent write Gaurang.... very simple in structure yet very powerful impact to us readers... thanks for this awesome treat my friend.(:



  17. You have created a beautiful feel!! :)

    Nice one :)

  18. Hello, glad to land in your magical island of poetry.
    Hope all is well.
    Join poets rally with a free verse today.
    We love your poetry talent, come on in
    And have fun exploring!
    Weekend greetings!
    amazing tale...


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