Sunday, June 27, 2010

Summer Holidays - 2010

I am starting to feel very excited, only a few days more and my summer holidays start!!
Going back to India visiting my relatives and playing with my friends and cousins.
Won't that be fun? Just imagine, two whole months of fun. Have to keep in touch with studies though. The sad part is that there is LOTS of holiday homework which I will have to do when I am in India. Anyways can't wait for the school to close. It closes on July 8th and reopens on September 14th.

Poem 19- Thank You God for nature

Thank you trees that give me food
That does taste very good
Thank you sun for giving light
Which makes the planet nice and bright
Thank you water because of which we live
Thank you God for all you give
Thank you my loving Earth
After all you are the place all of us got birth
-Gaurang Rao

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Poem 18-East or West Home is the best

I love my home
where I can freely roam
Where I can run and play
throughout the day

It is not like school
where you cannot act like a fool
A place where you can dance and sing
And eat like a king

East or West
home is the best
Nothing better than my house
where my mother catches a mouse
- Gaurang Rao

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Poem 17- Water to live

The well was dry
and nor was it near by
I had to walk a mile
to live for a while

There was no rain for a week
and nor was there a near by creek
where i would be able to quench my thirst
but this day was one of the worst
- Gaurang Rao