Friday, May 6, 2011

Poem 145 - A temporary goodbye!

Hello all, I am sad to say that I won't be here for some time now. I am travelling, so I might not be here. Till then I will write this last one...

Sad to say I will not be here now for some time
I won't be there to make my poems, and their rhyme
Hopefully I shall be back in a few days
Well at least that is what my mind says
It might take a week or two
But I will surely come back for you
-Gaurang Rao

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  1. May your travels be pleasant and filled with wonder and awe.

  2. smooth sailings.
    how cool
    to have you
    write the last one
    before you go for fun.

    we will be waiting for yoHappy Mother's Day to Moms around you. Blessings..u patiently.

  3. Will miss you. Always a pleasure reading your poetry. Be safe.

  4. Enjoy reading your work.
    Have a nice travel.


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