Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Poem 233 - Zebra Crossing

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Some black and white stripes
Similar to zebra skin
Walked on by people

These two sets of stripes
Are copied on many roads
Helps people cross roads

And each time it's used
I think of the zebra, and
Its God-Given stripes

One animal whose
Natural colours are used
In our daily life

Walked on all the time
These black and white stripes -  known as
A Zebra Crossing
~Gaurang Rao

Monday, April 29, 2013

Poem 232 - Attention Grabber

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His eyes are the same
As that of his mom they told
And the youngling smiles

Then people noticed
He got his smile from his dad
The same naughty smile

Suddenly he laughs
His head shaking up and down
Little toothless mouth

Laugh so beautiful
He grabs all attention, with
Eyes twinkling like stars
~Gaurang Rao

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Poem 231 - Sunset's Xerox

Image from here

Picture of sunset
Firmly copied in my head
Just like a xerox

Sunlight's reflection
In the shimmering water
Best time of the day

Yellow-Orange Skies
A deep glow in the water
A beautiful sight

I wish that picture
Could be xeroxed from my mind
Preserved on paper
~Gaurang Rao

Written for - http://haiku-heights.blogspot.in/ - 'Xerox'

Friday, April 26, 2013

Poem 230 - The Waterfall

River, gently flows
Containing knowledge about
Places its passed through

Oh! A sudden fall
And nature's beauty unveiled
Through a waterfall

Surreal to eyes
As the water falls gently
With a bubbling sound
~Gaurang Rao

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Poem 229 - A Soldier's Love

Soldiers risk their life
As a result of struggle
Between some nations

Their brave promise is
To protect their country's land
Their life spent in war

But their bravery
Is hidden in shadows, as
No time to notice
~Gaurang Rao

Poem 228 - The Board Not Seen

While playing, I discovered a new cave
And to go inside the cave, I got a crave
And so inside I went, and was immediately hit by cold, smelly air
With a shudder I wondered if anyone was there
I went further inside to get hit by the stench of putrid water
The smell was increasing and it wasn't getting any hotter
A chill through my back made me go back from the cold, dirty place
And so I ran like I was running in an Olympics race
Once outside, under some brush, I noticed, a board that made me so cross
It said 'Enter at your own risk, through the cave sewage water does pass'
How could I have been a fool, not to look at that board
After a long, clean bath, I heard my parents laughing for the story that I'd poured
~Gaurang Rao

Poem 227 - Magical Tunnel?

Walking in the tunnel, half-past nine at night
I look around in the tunnel light
No traffic, on this usually busy tunnel, In shock, up and down it I wander 
 'Could It be magic?' I do ponder
That's when my alarm clock wakes me up with a fright
~Gaurang Rao

Poem 226 - Volcano Of Joy

A prize he just won
To express his joy he bursts
Like a volcano

Sudden eruption
To express concealed feelings
Expected by none

Parents watch amused - 
He brags for getting the prize
Of most silent boy
~Gaurang Rao

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Poem 225 - The Qutub Minar

Red sandstone tower
Carved with verses from Qur'an 
Showed rise of Mughals

Used as watch tower
Almost seems to touch the sky
The Qutub Minar
~Gaurang Rao
Written for - http://haiku-heights.blogspot.in/

Poem 224 - The Chocolate

"You ate the chocolate" "No! I did not"
At that time a grin on my mother's face we spot
My mother listens with a lot of patience
As at each other I and my sister make false accusations
Then our mom told us she was the one who ate the chocolates our granny had bought
~Gaurang Rao 

Poem 223 - Pariah

True love lies in those
Outcasts of the society
When will they rejoice?

Our eyes ignore as
They toil in the sun for food
Yet not given love
~Gaurang Rao

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Poem 222 - The Sportive Teacher

Teacher's back faced to us, I and my friend threw paper-balls at each other
But  unfortunately one hit the teacher, Oh! What a bother!
She turned towards us, her hands on her hips she was holding,
Thinking she'll say it's property destruction, we got ready to endure another scolding
But ironically she burst out laughing, and trust me, so did the class together!
~Gaurang Rao

Poem 221 - The Owl

A hoot - in the night
Bird's shadow on my room wall
As moonlight floods in

The owl is hunting
Mice are running here and there
The Owl's time to rule
~Gaurang Rao

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Monday, April 15, 2013

Poem 219 - The Light Bulb

The poor light bulb, it burns itself all night
It's a watchman while others are asleep
Selflessly, to all, it does provide light
And it's then turned on when darkness does sweep
Used just at night, it hardly gets looked at
Just to make life easy, it's one more tool
Hardworking it is, but people don't know that
To not think about it makes man a fool
Each moment of darkness is swept by light
And then even in the most poor town
It makes everyone's life look so bright
And when not needed, we just turn it down
At the darkest times it lights every place
But we don't notice, because life's a race
~Gaurang Rao
Written for - http://bifocalunivision.blogspot.in/
For all you bloggers out there, who write for weekly memes, Bifocal Univision is another great weekly giving meme site, which is controlled by Eric, check it out and submit your post!

Poem 218 - Morning Mist

Out on the terrace
Gazing, at sky for the sun
It's lost in the mist
~Gaurang Rao

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Poem 217 - An IPL Match

This time I've written on a cricket match, from a tournament held in India. For those of you who don't know about it , the poem I've written about is of two teams, RCB - Royal Challengers Bangalore and CSK - Chennai Super Kings, which ended in an exciting last ball, and for you IPL (Indian Premier League)  lovers who already knew it, here's my post- 
Oh! What an exciting match it was yesterday
CSK verses RCB and I was supporting RCB all the way
First Gayle got out cheaply for RCB, and I thought all was gone
But Kohli came to bat and decided the show must go on

He smashed quite a bit with fellow cricketer de Villiers 
And for a moment they had CSK in fears
They set a good target, and had a good start in bowling as well
And many bowlers, enjoyed quite good a spell

But the CSK batting was extraordinary
And till  the last over, I was full of worry
And then two required from the last ball
A catch to a fielder made us think we had won it all

But Alas! The bowler had bowled a no ball
And RCB's rejoices in the dumps it did fall
For CSK had snatched an amazing victory, 
But it's just a match, so who cares? Well, let it be!
~Gaurang Rao

Poem 216 - The Ghost lady?

Lazing on the hills, a lonely, old shepherd
Looks in the sky sees a flying bird
Watches where it goes - right down a hill
On that hill, he sees a woman sitting very still
He wonders who it is, usually  no one goes to the hillside 
To the hill, where she's sitting he does stride
But as he reaches the hill, no one is there
And for a moment he does get a scare
Then he sees the woman, standing under a tree
He walks near it, but again no one he can see
So in a confused state he did leave
He told the people in the town, of the woman, but that they didn't believe
But for the shepherd the mystery of the woman was always weird
For he was sure she had been there, but then she had disappeared
~Gaurang Rao  

Poem 215 - The Lizard-o-phobia

To face your fears is something bold
'Don't get scared' often many might have told
And so with my sister is a similar case
Who when sees a lizard will run at a great pace

Her shout makes me jump out of my skin
And its strange to hear a loud voice from someone, so thin
You might call it a phobia of lizards
But that shout of her's sends people flying like birds

And so here is how it happens-

First the scream that she can't control, then the story of seeing it told in stammers
And the scream and the story, together what a racket it hammers
Nowadays whether everything is alright at my home, neighbors have doubts
For they wake up in the middle of the night, due to the shouts
~Gaurang Rao

and of course - 'My awesome sister' :)

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Poem 214 - The Sea Of The Fake

A simple misunderstanding, can cause so many errors
Mostly caused from unwanted rumors
School -  a place where there is fun, but alas, rumors spread from fake friends
Seem to be on your side, and then all friendship ends
So many friends lost in the sea of the fake
It's something you will remember, something that you can't take
All because of a rumor from a jealous person, is it?
Its like a cake looking beautiful from outside, but crumbling inside bit by bit
And yes, these things are tough to overcome, even after an apology
For that trust in your heart, has broken free
That how such a close friend of yours, can break your trust
By spreading a rumor, which spreads faster and farther than it must
~Gaurang Rao

Written for - http://sundayscribblings.blogspot.in/
Just written for a meme, no offence - to anyone!