Sunday, July 17, 2011

Poem 161 - Tears of anger

Standing there alone and sad, shivering in the cold
Walked to the cold bench sat on it, teeth chattering away
Deep in thoughts of sad memories, he felt himself getting angry
He had done nothing, when he saw them dying, on the bench he did lay

All that came to his mind was the scene of their death
He tried not to think of them, he felt like he had ruined his life
He didn't go back to his home, he didn't want the memories
Sad, angry, lonely, without his own daughter and wife

Looked at the sky, shouted, screamed and cried from his heart
Tears rolled down his cheek to his chin
He remembered, how he played with his daughter
And how his wife's heart he did win

Of the millions and millions of people, why just him
Crying tears of hatred, towards himself, he cried out loud and sad
Again the memories captivated him, as he stood on the road
Car came on the road killed him, enough of his respected life he had had
-Gaurang Rao


  1. Wow... to feel pulled into the darkness of it all, crashing into nothingness. Powerful write my friend.

  2. WoW! This is a sad but powerful write, Gaurang.

    I've been here a few times before and am always amazed by the depth and understanding of one so young as yourself. :-)

    Keep up the good work!

  3. That is a strong poem, crying out in desperate anger, and with a shocking finish. More young people should be doing the same thing - crying out I mean, not standing in front of cars.

  4. powerful

    welcome share a short story or a small poem with our week 6 prompt today.

    bless you.


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