Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Poem 189 - In a supermarket

I saw an old man picking many cans of cokes
I watched amused, as he dropped them into his trolley
I took my things and went near the counter
I had some change left, I picked up a lolly

I go to the counter and I'm right behind the "coke man"
I see the cashier's reaction, as the man puts many cans of coke on the counter
The man asks for the bill, as the cashier counts the cans, with a smile
Seeing the bill, the man did saunter

He pulled out a tattered wallet, and took out some cash
He gave it to the cashier, and took the plastic bag
I wondered how it fit in one plastic bag
At the car seeing the bill, his wife did nag
-Gaurang Rao

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Poem 188 - Love to break free

I watched as a small crowd gathered in the shop
Looking at the latest beautiful paintings on sale
I myself stared at this one picture, wondering what it meant
What made it so special, hanging on that rusty nail?

I just stared at it deep inside, wondering it that's what is real art
And for a moment, I could see the colors move about
Was it an illusion no it wasn't
Keep me safe with you, it seemed to shout

So, before any hand could pick up that painting
I removed it from the nail, and took it away
Yes, I seemed to understand the love inside it
I knew it wasn't my mind making the colors sway

I knew I understood the hard work, the love
The creativity, the purpose, the happiness
This was what I really could call art
While maybe others think it is a mess
-Gaurang Rao