Monday, February 28, 2011

Poem 102 - Treasure Hunt

One morning puss in boots was putting his clothes on the line
The morning was windy but it was still just fine
A map came from nowhere and hit puss's head lightly
Quickly Puss held the map very tightly

It looked like a very old treasure map
He decided to find out he put on his black cap
He followed the route many friends joined puss
Over the map, all of them made a big fuss

Finally they found out the map was fake
It was when they all fell in the lake
There was really no treasure
There was no gold or silver to measure
-Gaurang Rao

and -

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Poem 101 - The Old Gardener

Once there was an angry and very old gardener
His garden looked better than the field of the farmer
He was infamous for his anger on people who plucked flowers
He would grumble and grumble for almost two hours

But he loved his garden more than anyone
That was the only thing with what he had fun
He always didn't speak too much
But his garden had a special warm touch

He told children "Don't ya' dare to vellicate and pluck the flowers of ma' garden"
The children would tease him and he would immediately be on the run
He would come very close but he couldn't run with his stick
The children were alway saved by the bell, after playing that awful trick

Sad to say that gardener tripped from the stairs and died
Along with his family members even his garden cried
The plants too are rotten, still the garden stands
No one has tried to remove the plants by moving their hands

The garden turned into a creepy dark ground
There the crickets, made the only sound
Don't know why but in that place there is something queer
Something, something that gives everyone some fear
-Gaurang Rao

Friday, February 25, 2011

POEM 100 - A milestone achieved

I have reached a milestone
Now a hundred poems I own
To say I've completed a hundred, I lift my bat
Some people congratulate me, others give me a pat

Thanks for all your support
Now that this blog is a hundred poem fort
I thank you for that many a comment
and for the time looking at my blog you spent

Without you I might have never reached this stage
I might have long back stopped this page
So specially I thank each of you
For commenting on the poems - old or new

Thanks for taking time to read
Thanks for helping this page grow from a small seed
I thank all the readers for their encouragement
And their time for reading they have lent
-Gaurang Rao

Thanks everybody for all the comments and encouragement given by each one of you. I might not be able to write for some time as my exams will be starting soon. Special thanks to the people who follow me and comment on my poems and posts. Today after a long time I am writing a poem for a really special reason and that is on reaching 100 poems.
Thanks once again.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Poem 99 - Terrible Cold

Ear Drops trickling down my throat
Sending the ear pain a serious note
Telling it to go very far away from my ear
Telling it that the movers and packers are here

I lied on the bed one ear facing the roof, another to the pillow
Tired of lying, waiting for the tremendous cold to go
I felt the drops going more in and in
It felt like it was touching my inner skin

I knew the drops will take effect at any point
Again me and my ear will be happily joint
My taste buds too had unfortunately stopped having fun
My mother put salt on a lemon and made me lick the lemon

Yes now the pain was going, My taste buds were back
To taste all foods, now my lips did smack
Oh! I am happy the ear pain and all have run off
They have taken away the cold and the terrible cough
-Gaurang Rao

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Poem 98 - Home - What a Creation!

Oh! My beautiful home thanks for shelter
You block the strong winds that come in winter
Oh! My beautiful home I love it when you are neat
You keep away the scorching summer heat

A home what a beautiful thing
A place where you can dance, where you can sing
A Home providing everything I want
A place where no ghosts can haunt

Homes a beautiful creation, if only everybody had one
The world would be happy, the world would be fun
My home is the place I share my feelings
All Sad, Happy and exciting things

Oh! Thank you home for all you provide
But I hate to lock you when I go for a car ride
But you are a thing that is completely unique
I love you even if your pipes do leak
-Gaurang Rao

Poem 97 - Final Piece?

A Jigsaw puzzle, one piece seems to be missing
I looked around saw nothing
Well that piece is surely trying to hide
On the bed something I spied

Nope it wasn't the jigsaw puzzle piece unfortunately
Now without that part complete won't be the jigsaw tree
I was tired after looking for that piece, I bit into a juicy pear
But still I couldn't see the piece anywhere

Finally I found the jigsaw figure it was in the laundry basket
A large and a happy sigh of relief I did let
Thank God no more stress finding that piece
Actually it was gifted to me from my mother's niece

The full picture was now complete
The picture looked very neat
My cousin came for a two day stay
I felt happy and showed it to my cousin that day
-Gaurang Rao

Monday, February 21, 2011

Poem 96 - Tea with monkey

I was sitting outside, the day was becoming dark
I was sitting near the gate, Far away a dog did bark
I was watching the birds as they flew up high
The clouds moved away saying a kind good bye

I was watching the sky, I heard a sound behind me
Oh! It seemed to come from the big apple tree
But nothing, no movement only the wind's hollow sound
Through my head the few memories I remembered went round and round

I heard a noise but this time somebody touched me
I turned and saw a small, lost baby monkey
It seemed to want food, maybe it was hungry
Anyway now it was time for my tea

It sat down at the table touched the teapot
It seemed to like the blue color a lot
It suddenly ran in the middle of tea
Alone in the evening it left me
-Gaurang Rao

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Poem 95 - A Clumsy Morning

To all the Mr. Smiths in the world - Mr. Smith in my poem is a
fictional character and this is not used to hurt anybody's feelings.

The same old Mr. Smith clumsy and silly as before
Thinks somebody is hitting him on the head when he hears a knock on the door
One morning he woke up late, quickly bathed forgetting to put soap
Oh! He should not do things more silly now I hope

But then for office he forgot to put a tie
Without eating his food to his wife he said good bye
He took his son's school bag instead of his laptop
And his car in the middle of two roads he did stop

Not only that he parked it there
Oh! Mr. Smith's behavior nobody can bare
He was late for his meeting once again
Oh! Does Mr. Smith really have something called a brain?

Mr. Smith was surprised to not find his laptop
Because of him the meeting they had to stop
Still Mr. Smith will never understand will he?
But if he will change he will surprise me
-Gaurang Rao

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Poem 94 - One heart, breaking two

Two pigeons married and leading a very happy life
One day they decided to go on a picnic - the husband and wife
They reached the spot, decided to play hide and seek
The husband went to hide - He flew to a nearby creek

He hid behind a bush he could be seen only from the back
The pigeon unfortunately didn't see he was in the middle of a hunter's track
Female finished counting she flew here and there
She couldn't find her husband anywhere

What was that in the hunter's cruel hand?
It was a pigeon the wife sadly she did stand
She shed her tears softly, now she was a widow
In this day why did her husband have to go?

She never forgot the day he died
Oh! For years the female pigeon had cried
All because of a silly game that she lost her husband
And of the male pigeon's life that was the end

Parting is really such bitter sorrow
Your love can break even tomorrow
Love is something unpredictable
It might not be forever stable
-Gaurang Rao

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Poem 93 - Seventh Heaven Walk

I was walking around the town humming a song
What a beautiful day nothing had gone wrong
A peaceful day, birds chirped as they sat in their nest
People smiled they were lazy and were having a rest

I was content with life I walked on
In a lake far away I saw many a swan
I went towards the lake crossed the lilies of the fields
I saw a man lazily sowing some seeds

The lake made a lapping noise quietly
I threw bread at the swans they looked at me
Quickly each grabbed some bread
Oh! What a beautiful morning" I said

I went back humming again
I passed another field full of sugarcane
Sweet fragrances filled the air
Oh with you this morning I will like to share
-Gaurang Rao

Poem 92 - A Dance Competition

I was a judge in the dance competition
Hopefully it was going to be fun
First came a boy doing hip hop
He mixed it with some lock and pop

Doing Break Dance came a woman
Looked like she was leading in the competition
A boy came doing freestyle
The good thing was he always did smile

Many dancers came each better than the other
Some solo and some a group like a child and her mother
They kept entertaining us non stop
Now it was time to see who was at the top

Us judges had a tough time deciding the best
Well now we had the results of the contest
Finally we gave it to a group who did an aerial act
And they had won now this is a fact
-Gaurang Rao

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Poem 91 - Evening To Night

It was evening the sun a little dimly it shone
It was setting maybe suddenly feeling alone
Slowly it moved down playing hide and seek with me
It hid behind buildings, It went behind many a tree

The sun now set leaving the sky looking sad
But the moon was there so nothing to feel bad
The moon shone, to Earth it sent it's moonlight
Telling small children 'Go to sleep it is night'

I blinked, yes it was a crescent moon
Wow! A moon at night a sun at noon
The sky was there at any occasion
When times are bad when times are fun

Ah! I saw many a twinkling star
Well, the stars were too very far
I realized the moon and stars looked like a kind of pair
Though I Knew that for each other they didn't care

Nothing more beautiful than looking at the sky
And what i am telling is not a lie
The sky just keeps me entertained around the clock
At evenings, at mornings at any time the sky does rock!
-Gaurang Rao

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Poem 90 - Deer's Birthday

In a forest it is a deer's birthday
The deer, my friend has invited me today
Oh! There is pigeon coming with the cake
And there is the crocodile coming from the lake

Don't worry all animals are harmless
This jungle surely God did bless
Of animals there are no deaths and not a fight
To each other every animal is very polite

Oh! Here is the forest party hall
The others seem to be playing football
"Happy Birthday Deer" I said giving her the crystal ring
The Happy Birthday Song after that we did sing

Deer cut the cake making just one wish
We were served food in a new and clean dish
And really Pigeon had made the cake Yummy
That "Gimme more! Gimme more! said my tummy

Finally the party was over, we have to leave
I surely will not forget this exciting eve
I am going now its time to say goodbye
Goodbye deer! Goodbye Pigeon! Goodbye Fly!
-Gaurang Rao

Monday, February 14, 2011

Poem 89 - Family Love

My loving family is very kind
Only they car for others not themselves
Make me feel a happy heart, happy mind
And their extra kindness iss stored in shelves
Not a bit less than god, they love me
Don't even let me have a small nightmare
Don't even let me have to pay their kindness fee
And for each person they have time to spare
Dreams, made true by my loving family
And again you don't have to pay them back
No! the love they give is completely free
Delicate love can be kept in a stack
Make many jokes and keep me happy
Yet they make my studies real fun
Daily evening we have a super tea
Ever my family...I will love a ton
Always they help me in homework and studies
Ready to help me with just anything
Sis, Mom and Dad, they are my best buddies
I get everything I want 'coz the things... they bring
So forever they'll be in my life now
They will never be forgotten by me
Ever, they will provide me with great love
Ready they are for the great mom made tea
-Gaurang Rao

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Poem 88 - Another Mother?

Our Mother went to a beauty saloon
She didn't come back too soon
When she came with new look we didn't recognize her
Thought it was some mad and silly stranger
-Gaurang Rao

Poem 87 - Futuristic New World

A Thousand Years in the future, a world full of robots
Now the technology has improved lots and lots
A Flying machine, A Flying Robot and A Flying Home
No need ground internet! No need to download Google chrome!

Everything is transparent, all machines and screens
All people are allowed to drive cars even children and teens
No need of a license to drive a flying car
Even without petrol the cars can go very far

Everything in this world is touch screen
There is not a bit of dirt, the area is fully clean
No need to touch a bit of the brown earthy ground
Even vehicles and loudspeakers don't make too much sound

No servants,only a robot is your maid
And they don't even need to be paid
There is not even one incandescent tube light
The world has little light even at night

Wow! Everything happens on its own
No need to order for an ice cream cone
No need to tie your shoelace
Oh! What a modern place
-Gaurang Rao

Friday, February 11, 2011

Poem 86 - Creepy Flat!

Creepy phone calls in the middle of the night
Current goes off and off goes the light
Window shutters shakes up and down
Rain covers the whole town

Ring! Ring ! The phone suddenly rung
Creepy voices quietly sung
Suddenly open flew the door
From outside came many a snore

Ugh! What was happening in this flat
Suddenly something shook the mat
I ran down the spiral staircase
As I ran, open went my shoelace

Tripped and fell into the dark shadows
In the moonlight came blood covered toes
Now was it time for me to die
If it was then good bye
-Gaurang Rao

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Poem 85 - Rose Flower Shop

A Beautiful little rose shop
To buy flowers people stop
They buy all kinds of colorful roses
To smell they put it under their noses

Roses -Yellow, White and Red
Used to decorate many a head
Beautiful roses with beautiful smells
The shop owner hundreds of roses she sells
-Gaurang Rao

Poem 84 - Dentist Time!!

Have a tooth pain, mom tells we need to go to the dentist
I keep screaming 'No!' but the pain I can't hold
Finally I followed her to the dental clinic
I feel more uneasy as the clock does tick

A scream came from behind the door
I got scared even more and more
My head now becomes really very sweaty
Nurse comes and says "Next" pointing at me

I start to cry in pain and fear
Knowing now my time was more than near
Nurse pushed me inside the room
Oh No! I was going to see my doom

Dentist looking like an evil monster
Was he going to be my tooth doctor?!
Evil teeth, injection in one hand
He took a spray from the stand

I closed my eyes, sat on the chair
Oh God! This was worse than a nightmare
Slowly I opened my eyes
My tooth had gone. No lies!

Wow it really didn't pain!
But money the dentist did gain
I thanked him as I went away
Knowing that I would be back one more day
-Gaurang Rao

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Poem 83 - Life From A Window

I sat down, I saw through the glass window
Empty road, a very tall leafless tree
On the ground snow was very, very low
From here, a single bird I couldn't see

Not a sound, No slight movement to be seen
Only Silence in the white neighborhood
As far as I could see there was no green
No leaves on the trees, only their thick wood

I coughed loudly, still I broke the silence
Again peace restored, nothing exciting
Far away I heard the creak of a fence
Had somebody come back from their shopping?

Waited, but still not a knock on the door
I meant to get away from the window
Slowly I shut the window more and more
Away from the glass window I did go
-Gaurang Rao

Monday, February 7, 2011

Poem 82 - Vegetable Market

A Market full of vegetables and fun
Nice to see people with vegetable baskets in the sun
People bustle around buying
Shopkeepers and people are bargaining

A Few vegetables on the cart more on the ground
Under a cart a money note - a pound
People laugh, and people talk
People buy, and People walk

People keep buying until it is time to go
There is a central clock, so the time they know
Many leave, vegetablekeepers have empty carts
All go away with happy hearts

Love life and it will love you back
Don't be a grumpy pack
Like in a story -A smile you always try to keep
Your smile you should never sweep
- Gaurang Rao

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Poem 81 - The Kind Man

Our Whole Family Went To The Mall
I Went Towards The Toys, I Was Still Small
Amidst The People I Got Lost
I Had To Find My Parents At Any Cost

I was running in circles crying
I bumped into a man when clothes he was buying
He looked at me, he saw me cry
To help me he did try

He took me to the counter asked my name
He announced it and soon my parents came
The Humility of the heart of the man
Shows that : Always help people when you can

We thanked him and got into our car
We went on I chewed on a chocolate bar
I never forgot the man's kindness
If he wasn't there I would have been in a mess.
-Gaurang Rao

Friday, February 4, 2011

Poem 80 - Lift Story

The Cunning Mrs. Scart
In the lift left a fart
She turned away her head
And didn't realize we were almost dead
-Gaurang Rao

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Poem 79 - Mr. Sly

The sleepy, small, lazy, useless thief Mr. Sly
By Mistake, To rob a policeman's house had a try
Felt Sleepy, He slept in the bed of the policeman
In a minute he was in the police van
-Gaurang Rao

Poem 78 - Queer Picture

A painted picture telling the full tale
Very Early Morning, Ships Sail
People walk on the sandy beach
Gods face appears on the clouds, too far to reach

He looks from his soft, happy eyes
He hears the laughter, the winds cries
His face vanishes as suddenly as it came
He seemed to be playing some funny game

Two old men, have a friendly talk
Get up from their bench, begin to walk
They walk along the shore
Walk half a kilometer or more

They look at the sea, the crashing waves
Look the other way see some caves
They See something, One man points at a life ring
Inside was a soap, nothing exciting

They walk on looking here and there
Their feeling to each other they share
Nobody having a loss of words
They kept talking about some rare birds

One man bends picks a handful of cold abrasive sand
He puts it into the other mans hand
The man takes the sand puts it on his beard
Why was the man acting so weird?

Suddenly realized, it was just one of Gods tricks
To Gods original position the man changed
Had God come to observe me
But in a minute God I could Not see

Well All The Same
God was playing his game
I left wondering why God had done this
He could have left after at least giving me a kiss
-Gaurang Rao

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Poem 77 - Chocolaty Dream

A Dream I got, a chocolaty dream
A world made of chocolate cream
First a path made of chocolate
Chocolate Fisherman fishing with a choco net

A chocolate restaurant, was served in a chocolate plate
Everything was chocolate so only chocolate I ate
Was walking on chocolate grass
A chocolate car I did pass

Chocolate people, chocolate shops
and guess what even chocolate lollipops
Chocolate clothes, chocolate houses
and Chocolate dogs, chocolate mouses

Chocolate and only chocolate everywhere
A chocolate market, a chocolate fair
Saw a brown chocolate train
I woke up at that time after getting a stomach pain
-Gaurang Rao

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Poem 76 - A Rainy Day

Thunder Clapped could hear it's angry noise
People had to scream to make others hear their voice
Brick floor now muddy and wet
Traffic was there, moans people let

Roads Crowded, people covered with umbrellas
Couldn't see much through fogged window glass
Noises, horns of vehicles, everywhere
The sounds no longer I could bare

Slowly sipped gulps of hot coffee
It was now comforting me
Under the quilt for a good evening's sleep
But in a few hours my alarm clock went "BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!"

Got out of bed put on my warm coat
Still water on the road, I sailed a paper boat
Ah! Now the rain had almost stopped
Roads were full, shoppers shopped
-Gaurang Rao