Monday, February 21, 2011

Poem 96 - Tea with monkey

I was sitting outside, the day was becoming dark
I was sitting near the gate, Far away a dog did bark
I was watching the birds as they flew up high
The clouds moved away saying a kind good bye

I was watching the sky, I heard a sound behind me
Oh! It seemed to come from the big apple tree
But nothing, no movement only the wind's hollow sound
Through my head the few memories I remembered went round and round

I heard a noise but this time somebody touched me
I turned and saw a small, lost baby monkey
It seemed to want food, maybe it was hungry
Anyway now it was time for my tea

It sat down at the table touched the teapot
It seemed to like the blue color a lot
It suddenly ran in the middle of tea
Alone in the evening it left me
-Gaurang Rao


  1. I'm sorry, but you MUST have some blue to play Blue Monday. Try again, please.

  2. Very nice poem.. Love the music too.

    I am now following your blog.

    My MYM post

  3. I love this - truly a magical touch and feeling to this piece...that made me feel good all over...the clouds with their kind good-bye..(how beautiful is that)....thank you for posting.....bkm

  4. smiles. very cute...would love to have tea with a monkey...big smiles.

  5. 'Alone in the evening it left me' - I like that!

  6. Aww... how sweet of you to invite to this little baby monkey for tea, Gaurang... I think after enjoying the tea, it remembered where it originally came from.. and so, it must have run... whheeww! Don't you worry... I am sure it has made friends with you, and it will be back too ..

    (smiles and hugs)

  7. This really carried me fanciful!


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