Saturday, February 19, 2011

Poem 94 - One heart, breaking two

Two pigeons married and leading a very happy life
One day they decided to go on a picnic - the husband and wife
They reached the spot, decided to play hide and seek
The husband went to hide - He flew to a nearby creek

He hid behind a bush he could be seen only from the back
The pigeon unfortunately didn't see he was in the middle of a hunter's track
Female finished counting she flew here and there
She couldn't find her husband anywhere

What was that in the hunter's cruel hand?
It was a pigeon the wife sadly she did stand
She shed her tears softly, now she was a widow
In this day why did her husband have to go?

She never forgot the day he died
Oh! For years the female pigeon had cried
All because of a silly game that she lost her husband
And of the male pigeon's life that was the end

Parting is really such bitter sorrow
Your love can break even tomorrow
Love is something unpredictable
It might not be forever stable
-Gaurang Rao


  1. That was a cute sad love story!! What a whirlwind of emotions. Well done Gaurang!! :)

  2. Gaurang can u please tell me how you put music in your blog. i tried but mines not working.
    lovely poem
    email your reply on

  3. Wow, Gaurang! You know so much about life at an early age! Yes, all is impermanence. Wonderful writing!

  4. cute and sad story.
    powerful piece.

  5. Very, very good response to the prompt!!

  6. This was a lovely read. Thank you.

  7. Interesting take on the prompt; This is why we should cherish it when we find it and not take it for granted! Thanks for the reminder~

  8. Wonderful poem Gaurang....
    Love is unpredictable...may not be stable...
    So much wisdom in your poem....


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