Sunday, February 27, 2011

Poem 101 - The Old Gardener

Once there was an angry and very old gardener
His garden looked better than the field of the farmer
He was infamous for his anger on people who plucked flowers
He would grumble and grumble for almost two hours

But he loved his garden more than anyone
That was the only thing with what he had fun
He always didn't speak too much
But his garden had a special warm touch

He told children "Don't ya' dare to vellicate and pluck the flowers of ma' garden"
The children would tease him and he would immediately be on the run
He would come very close but he couldn't run with his stick
The children were alway saved by the bell, after playing that awful trick

Sad to say that gardener tripped from the stairs and died
Along with his family members even his garden cried
The plants too are rotten, still the garden stands
No one has tried to remove the plants by moving their hands

The garden turned into a creepy dark ground
There the crickets, made the only sound
Don't know why but in that place there is something queer
Something, something that gives everyone some fear
-Gaurang Rao


  1. lovely story.

    haunting ending...
    keep it up.
    Happy Sunday!

  2. Nice one Gaurang! Could imagine the whole story in mind while reading through the lines!

  3. Hello,
    Your work is magnanimously beautiful. I have enjoyed so much listening to your words work wonders in my heart and in my soul. Please, keep up your passion for the written word. You are too valuable and we all love you. I know, one day, and even now, your work deserves serious recognition. You inspire and your web-site is simple beautiful.
    Thank you kindly for sharing.
    John E.


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