Monday, February 28, 2011

Poem 102 - Treasure Hunt

One morning puss in boots was putting his clothes on the line
The morning was windy but it was still just fine
A map came from nowhere and hit puss's head lightly
Quickly Puss held the map very tightly

It looked like a very old treasure map
He decided to find out he put on his black cap
He followed the route many friends joined puss
Over the map, all of them made a big fuss

Finally they found out the map was fake
It was when they all fell in the lake
There was really no treasure
There was no gold or silver to measure
-Gaurang Rao

and -


  1. nice! here's my potluck..

  2. lovely story in cartoon.
    well penned.


  3. Wonderful pic and poem, the dreams of many, to find the hidden treasure. Not always physical objects, but, inner awareness!

  4. Aaaw- no treasure.. :(
    This one is a nice little children's poem I guess- oh yes! you have written it there!
    Wonderful one.. I like the blog template so lit n bright.. :)

    Love xox

  5. You amaze me, Gaurang. Keep writing!

  6. Well penned tale, wrapped up on the map like a poem. Maybe this is the buried treasure.

  7. Now thats a very nice story, here's mine thanks My Daily Mumbles

  8. What a wonderful job on this prompt....very nice...thank you...bkm

  9. Aww.. I feel sad for Puss and gang... but that's waht greed does to one I guess...

    So well written, Gaurang.. with a superb message too!

    Best wishes!!

  10. This was a lot of fun, nice twist!

  11. sadness is smartly crafted in a lovely story.
    keep it up.

  12. Delightful poem! Well-written. I could not get this story to rhyme, so I wrote a simple prose text!
    Best wishes,
    Anna's Monday's Child #35


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