Sunday, February 13, 2011

Poem 87 - Futuristic New World

A Thousand Years in the future, a world full of robots
Now the technology has improved lots and lots
A Flying machine, A Flying Robot and A Flying Home
No need ground internet! No need to download Google chrome!

Everything is transparent, all machines and screens
All people are allowed to drive cars even children and teens
No need of a license to drive a flying car
Even without petrol the cars can go very far

Everything in this world is touch screen
There is not a bit of dirt, the area is fully clean
No need to touch a bit of the brown earthy ground
Even vehicles and loudspeakers don't make too much sound

No servants,only a robot is your maid
And they don't even need to be paid
There is not even one incandescent tube light
The world has little light even at night

Wow! Everything happens on its own
No need to order for an ice cream cone
No need to tie your shoelace
Oh! What a modern place
-Gaurang Rao


  1. That was a good one and reminded me of Jetsons!!

  2. oooooh, but I miss the earth:) Great futuristic imagining!

  3. What a well written and intriguing piece, whimsical yet sad as one can imagine what can be lost by advancing so much.

  4. wonderful journey into your future.

  5. hehe cool... reminds me of the futuristic cartoons we used to watch as kids :)


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