Friday, February 25, 2011

POEM 100 - A milestone achieved

I have reached a milestone
Now a hundred poems I own
To say I've completed a hundred, I lift my bat
Some people congratulate me, others give me a pat

Thanks for all your support
Now that this blog is a hundred poem fort
I thank you for that many a comment
and for the time looking at my blog you spent

Without you I might have never reached this stage
I might have long back stopped this page
So specially I thank each of you
For commenting on the poems - old or new

Thanks for taking time to read
Thanks for helping this page grow from a small seed
I thank all the readers for their encouragement
And their time for reading they have lent
-Gaurang Rao

Thanks everybody for all the comments and encouragement given by each one of you. I might not be able to write for some time as my exams will be starting soon. Special thanks to the people who follow me and comment on my poems and posts. Today after a long time I am writing a poem for a really special reason and that is on reaching 100 poems.
Thanks once again.


  1. What a great endeavor! May your poems reach across to more and more around the world!!!

  2. Congrats Gaurang! Keep up the good work. God bless you.

    With blessings & best wishes,

    Sabitha & Ganapathy

  3. Congratulations! What an accomplishment...May God continue to bless you with inspiration..

  4. Congrats; I am so thrilled for you! It is an amazing feeling~ Good luck to you on your exams!
    I look forward to more poems, when your time permits~ Best of luck to you~

  5. Congrats on your 100th poem, Gaurang. May you write many more words, special words, that mean something to you and are from your heart.

  6. Congratulations Gaurang! It was worth visiting your profile and i feel i have spent a little of my time for a good cause. After reading your 100th poem, i could feel the joy and happiness depicted in them. I wish you much more than this. Let God bless you and you shine more by exploring your thoughts with these beautiful words. Congrats once again!

  7. What a great achievement Gaurang!!! 100 poems in such a short span of time and at your age.. bravo.. you will reach great heights..but I wrote at OSI last sunday.. let your feet remain firmly on the ground.. that's what boy.. and trust me that's the test too.. what with world doing its best to let you take off your feet with all the success you will have.. you will shine.. you will do well.. and you will achieve.. I know.. I can see.. sending smiles and happiness for you .. from Pune.. India..all the way..

  8. 100?

    perfect milestone.
    keep it up.
    your poem rocks.

  9. Congrats Gaurang and you are sailing off very well!! I Wish you the very best for your exams and you should be there with flying colors!! :)

  10. Hi Gaurang.
    Congrats on completing a century.
    Wish you all the best.
    I will congratulate you personally when i come to your house and your mother feeds me tasty amchigele food!!
    Btw, its a nice poem. I like your rhyme scheme.

  11. I know a very bright boy with golden hue
    Whose brilliance, his little form shows no clue
    When he held his pen, positive thoughts flew
    Filling us with wonder, which day by day grew.

    Many many congrats dear Gaurang!
    May you fill this blog with hazaar rang!!!

    Radhe radhe


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