Monday, January 31, 2011

Poem 75 - Play Day When I Was 5

Mother told me that she will pick me at four
Saying that she left, could see her through the glass door
I went to play sat on the horse
But for that too there were small wars

Every Child liked the shaking toy
Every single girl, every single boy
Fifty pence was the horse's fees
Though you had to pay there was no peace

But really the horse would give music and would shake
That is why the horse everybody did take
Soon it was four I had to go
But when my mother came I said "NO"

Dragged me across the room, all eyes on me
Embarrassed, my mom was that I could see
She put me in the car took me back home
I was sad missed the horse.
-Gaurang Rao


  1. playful and sad.
    Thanks for linking..


  2. Lovely thoughts/dreams of riding on the horse... when I was a wee little tike, I was given a rocking horse that I latched on to for days, did not want to eat or go to bed for days. It was 'my horse' you know.

  3. He did not want to leave that horse and the toys...rocking horses are always a favorite to play with...hopefully he can come back tomorrow....very nice...bkm

  4. ...wonderful reads with some awesome memories Gaurang... you always find ways with words... thank you my friend for being so supportive in both my arts and poems... Have a good day to you!!! God Bless!!!:)



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