Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Poem 66 - A walk in the snow

I Put on my coat went for a walk
I ran out of the house after my door I did lock
I saw children playing Red Indians
With sticks and no toy guns

I passed by a few women
They were in a group of ten
They were happily laughing
They were excitedly talking

People were very happy
That I could of course see
The walk made my body feel better
Making me warm was the coat's fur

I saw a sight which was surreal
And I really thought it wasn't real
It just looked like a painted picture
Of a Beautiful Free Snow Tiger

I ran off a bit scared of the creature
"Tigers are dangerous" had told my teacher
I went back on an other way
Where I saw frozen hay

It looked really completely funny
As it was covered with snow, the color of a bunny
Now the hill I did descend
So that at the bottom, time I could spend

I reached the end of the hill
Everything seemed to be still
Here everything was quiet
There was no noise, no fight

I went on saw a wall on which was written 'KILL'
I saw a man near it, through my back went a chill
To my home I decided to return
So I did run after I did turn
-Gaurang Rao


  1. That was a nice little trip you were on and did your walking and running too!! LOL!! :D

    Enjoyed your tale and beautiful imagination too. Nice combination of prompts too!!

    Great work :)

  2. like looking through a kaleidiscope of our present reality..the good the bad the indifferent...very nice one shot

  3. You carried me along on the run. Thank you! Here's mine:

  4. I loved the simplicity here and the layer underneath the snow. Well done. Thanks for linking to Magpie Tales.

  5. Thank you for stopping by heartnsole..What a very nice poem! I too enjoy writing poetry. It does not come easy to me but I will keep at it..

  6. stepping outside a day of mad adventure

  7. really enjoyed your view and blending of these two prompts...the world has so many sides and your adding the snow tiger...makes me realize this world has so much to offer in living and in writing...thank you for posting...bkm

  8. "It just looked like a painted picture of a Beautiful Free Snow Tiger"
    That's my favourite part. I am picturing that most of all.
    Very nice.

  9. Love the transition from what could be such contrasting prompts. Well done.

  10. Good work. You're quite the storyteller.

  11. I agree with Andreas- good story telling

  12. I agree with andreas and the way you rhyme

  13. Your poem really shares the goodness in your heart. Lovely poem

  14. Very nicely done.
    -- K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  15. Thoughtful piece. "Sticks and no toy guns" struck me. Very nice.

  16. I loved the little twists you carried us on through this piece!!! NICE!!!

  17. Wonderful words written with such depth and awesome thoughts.

    zeroing into the arrow

  18. "I saw a sight which was surreal." Great line.

  19. one stone hits two birds.
    well done.

  20. Good one. And a good time to turn, I agree.


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