Thursday, January 13, 2011

Poem 63 - A Thief's story

He was a good thief
Of the gang he was the chief
Today they went to the rob the king
Kings, wife's necklace, his daughter's ring

He planned it well
Now the tale I'll tell
He first dressed himself as a guard
But for a master thief that was not hard

Then he slowly headed to the palace's east wing
Where sitting was the king
There he jumped to the king and queen
Hoping that by the king he would be seen

And the king did see him
Looking very grim
While talking to the king and queen
He took the princess's necklace unseen

He didn't manage to take the ring
But now at least he had got away from the king
He ran from the palace at top speed
Little did he know that he had done a bad deed

There he found his gang
Their victory song they sang
But somehow he and his gang were caught
And the guards said they will be shot

They were accused of stealing the necklace
Oh! Now they had fallen in a mess
Amused were not the king and queen
Now the thieves knew the highness will be mean

The tale now ends at this place
Because the thief is hiding his face

-Gaurang Rao

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