Sunday, January 9, 2011

Poem 60 - A walk in the park

I decided to take a walk with my dog
It was early in the morning so there was fog
After some time we reached the park
My dog entered giving one excited bark

It was beautiful to see fresh flowers
They bloomed so early in the morning hours
I felt more better as I played here and there
My happiness with my dog I did share

I decided to come here everyday
June, July, August or May
Because it is really fun
To play while rising is the sun

There was abundance of nature
It was better than a picture
To describe it is tough
But believe me this is not bluff

My dog too was very happy
It barked excitedly at every tree
I enjoyed my morning walk
And I can say it did Rock
-Gaurang Rao


  1. On the park man's best friend is at one with nature..I enjoyed reading your poem

  2. There is nothing better than spending time with our dogs...they are wonderful company. I loved your poem!

  3. I enjoyed your poem and enjoy dogs too!

  4. walking a dog is of most popular activity in the park.
    well put.

  5. I shared a bit of your lovely walk .Nice flow

  6. You write very very well for a grade six student. I love the subject of your poem, as I love dogs, parks and fog - a lot:) Keep writing!

  7. I love the rhyme. What a delightful poem.

  8. Gaurang,
    A really delightful poem to read. I enjoyed your walk in the park.


  9. Sweet one Gaurang. Your descriptions are apt and nicely expressed...

  10. Gaurang it should be really beautiful to walk with you in the park...

  11. How are you?

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    Your poetry rocks!


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