Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Poem 70 - Bank Robbery

I went in the crowded bank to withdraw some cash
Heard Gun shots when I was about to take the money stash
I quickly turned around saw men fully in Black
With the guns they had they could give you a proper whack

"Hands Up" under a mask a muffled voice ringed through the air
In a minute all hands shot up after the voice gave that scare
They Came pointing the guns and stole all the money we had
If they didn't have guns I swear I would have gone mad

They ran out and jumped in a mud covered license plate car
In a minute from the bank they were very far
Everybody started shouting and panicking
"They took the money which I withdrew for my daughter's wedding"

Blood streamed across the front door. A security's stained cap
Now had died the security "Poor Old Chap"
All the phone lines had been disconnected
"What about my daughter's Wedding!" the same voice said

Left, After all there was nothing I could do
Woefully, Many other people went too
All lost at least a month's savings
Nowadays strange are these things
-Gaurang Rao


  1. You have quite an imagination for one so young!

  2. great storytelling....very nicely done...

  3. Tragic. Well told. Sounds real.


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