Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Poem 71 - The Old Rusty Car

The Old Rusted Car Was Janky
It looked as dirty as an unwashed hankie
Still Mr. Smith just was in love with his car
But usually it would break down on the way and won't go far

One day on his way to office he met colleague on the street
Mr. Smith told his colleague "Well in my car you can take a seat"
Into the old dirty car went the neat and tidy man
But when he smelt the car's atmosphere he almost ran

Mr. Smith's Driving was awfully bad
It almost made his colleague go mad
"Scooch over please I will drive" said the colleague politely
Colleague tried to drive and almost hit into a tree

"Hasn't your car got any brakes" asked his office mate
The angry colleague said "This car has to be thrown at any rate"
Very late both of them reached the office
An important meeting they did miss

Boss had a conniption over their lateness
But still Mr. Smith's car is in a mess
To each other the Colleague and Mr. Smith didn't speak
Mr. Smith to the colleague, forgiveness he didn't seek
-Gaurang Rao


  1. Sheilagh Lee said: Very amusing. I could picture this all well written.

  2. like this story...very creative.Keep it up!

  3. Very funny. I think we've all had a car like that, at least once in our lifetimes. Great use of the words.

  4. That is a perfect enjoyable read and great narration too. Love your clean simple takes on even the weirdest of topics. You never fail to bring a smile to my face. Once again Kudos for this one :)

  5. What colorful use of this week's words. I could just picture it.

    I used to have a car with running water and a drainage system (translation: leak in the roof and a rust hole in the floor).

    My 3WW: The Victual Voyager

  6. What a sweet little piece. I like it!

  7. oh really kewt poem, showin explicit sentiments of Mr. Smith wid his car :D


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