Monday, January 31, 2011

Poem 74 - Why wars ?`

Why should there be wars when there can be peace
The world can work at an amount of ease
Just there shouldn't be any fight
That is how we could make our future bright

I ask god "Why do we fight"
He answered me in my dreams, yesterday night
He told me that fights weren't created by him
And suddenly he was not there, only his shadow now very dim

With the world in this state I couldn't relax
Even this minute people are giving each other whacks
For example Egypt's people are being threatened
Everywhere people are frightened

I really hope the world will change
Already it is in a bad stage
So people please try not to fight
Because what you are doing is it right?
-Gaurang Rao


  1. this is super great.

    why wars? I am wondering the same.


  2. Fabulous write... if only more people could ask your questions... think of peace throughout this wonderful world.

  3. Lovely piece and it went well with the music. I normally don't like it when people let you listen to music when you try to focus on the poem but here it really works :-)

  4. Great write, it opens the doors to want the answers....


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