Sunday, January 2, 2011

Poem 56 - A hunters life

All the animals froze as they saw me
With my favorite hunting gun in hand
I stood a little away from the tree
Standing quietly on the brown soft sand

I took aim on a very small rabbit
But in half a second it noticed me
It ran away before I could hit it
Only thing in sight was the chickadee

But it's beauty calmed me down easily
So the very small poor bird I didn't kill
But very soon the forest guards caught me
So in the drain went my nice shooting skill
-Gaurang Rao


  1. But then a lesson is learnt Guarang.. Isn't it? God bless You!!! You write very well.

  2. Birds have that effect, don't they? I really enjoyed your poem!

  3. letting go the birds,
    missed the rabbits...

    lovely hunting experience..the image is perfect.

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  5. Nicely written Gaurang.

    Keep at it.

    Happy New Year.

  6. Oh well, atleast the Chickadee survived :) perhaps you can try for Skeets instead, get urself a career in Shooting :)

    My Survival for OSI Calmed

  7. Nice brother..
    A hunter's life...definitely.. :)

  8. Glad you didn't shoot anything! Lovely little poem. here from Poetry Potluck.

  9. Thanks for sharing this beautiful piece with potluck.
    Happy Haunting.


  10. nicely written- thank you for sharing.. here's my potluck-


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