Sunday, January 30, 2011

Poem 73 - Prince's story

Daylight, evening and dark, said to be guards around the prince
Couldn't see the prince's charming grins
Always seemed to be in his unseen, secret room
So that he would be safe and so he never he would meet his doom

Well one day a witch had told that in her hands he will die
He never came out of his room that is why
For a long time nobody has seen his face
Of where he was, that was no trace

But what is happening to him is an utmost mystery
One day from his room will he be free?
Well this is for him to know and us to find out
Well the prince's story it was about
-Gaurang Rao


  1. You have left us 'high and dry'. Can't wait to see if he makes it or not.

  2. Safe doesn't seem so fun when you put it in that light.

  3. The poem, the music, I really enjoyed this read

  4. I like my room possibly as much as he likes his. =)

    Lovely poem, a bard's song. =)


  5. Okay now, I'm eager to know about the prince and what becomes of him.

    nice one :)

  6. What happens?
    Also love the music!

  7. Being a prince and in the witch's sights is clearly not a happy way to live. There is a lesson here if we could but take it in.

    No, I don't want to know what happens next. I get the message! Let the others search for a fairy tale ending elsewhere.

  8. Very beautiful Gaurang.. you will let us know what happens..

  9. That was a mysterious tale Gaurang and well done too!! I am sure this will have a beautiful end too, can't turn pages so I will just have to wait a little longer I suppose :)

    You never fail to entertain us Gaurang :)


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