Thursday, January 20, 2011

Poem 67 - Big Circus

I Heard that a circus had come to our village
In my mind of the circus there was a beautiful image
About Circuses I had Heard and Read
But to one also I hadn't attended

I asked my father "To the circus can we go?"
But luckily he did not say no
The full family caught the bus
And now we headed to the circus

As we reached I saw a very big tent
Jumped off the bus running excitedly I went
As I sat I heard trumpets blow
And I knew that about to start was the show

First came the riders on horses
Wearing Beautiful New Dresses
Then Came the funny flipping clowns
A bright red nose, black long gowns

Then came a cricketer elephant
And he really almost blew down the tent
Horses, Elephants, Clowns and many an acrobat
And Oh! The ring leader with his whip and hat

At the circus it was a fun evening
I saw so many thing in the big ring
But that was the end of the show
And I had to happy yet sadly go
-Gaurang Rao


  1. This was nice, the circus is always a nice place to visit as a kid

  2. I always enjoyed the circus when I was small. Thanks for the sweet reminder!

  3. playful and wonderful,

    share your piece with poetry potluck today,
    you are the best.


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