Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Poem 62 - Tasting a fruit cake

Moist was the fruit cake
It seemed to have had a good bake
I bought a few slices from the bakery
Owner was my friend, so I got them for free

To my harmless dog I gave a slice
It seemed to say "Well it's better than rice"
It ate the slice in a small moment
Oh Now one slice in my tummy it went

Delicious was the fresh new cake
One more slice I did take
Because it was too tasty
It was as good as my mom's pastry

My dog gave a yelp as I took one more slice
It seemed to say " Hey give me one, It is nice
I laughed and gave it one more slice
And I can tell you my dog is really wise
-Gaurang Rao


  1. Sharing with your dog is always fun, lovely.

  2. 3 words..Nice,Beautiful and Fun to read

  3. Very humourous and fun to read you can picture the dog.

  4. Gaurang you do have a nice funny bone and you churn out such nice clean poetry!! Loved this one and I did eat two fine large slices of cake too yesterday :D

  5. I liked it very much, hope your dog liked it too... ;)


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