Thursday, January 27, 2011

Poem 72 - The Fire Bird

Was walking on an empty piece of land
Not simply, I was sent on an errand
I the warrior had to catch the great fire bird
But nobody I feared

Ah! Resting was the mighty thing
Seemed to have a fiery wing
Saw me opened it's mouth to blow fire
I quickly jumped and hung on an electric wire

It made a black spot in the empty ground
From his mouth came an angry sound
The Bird really roared
Made me take out my sword

The sounds made me think it was a dragon
Sent from the god of the sun
Really it almost burnt my armor
To fight, my mind did usher

And guess what I captured it
After I got many a hit
I just tricked him by sitting lightly on a dug up hole
In a minute he was inside looking like burning coal

I took him back to my boss
This time with me he wasn't cross
In fact he gave me a trophy
He finally awarded me
-Gaurang Rao


  1. Good fantastic story.

  2. Absolutely amazing writing! You are going to be a published author one day:) Keep writing!

  3. A nicely woven tale and the rhyming is smooth.

  4. A captivating tale within a poem....i love it!

  5. I love the story within, the boundaries you pushed through!~ Well Done, has a nice flow~

  6. Gaurang,

    An amazing piece of warm and fire filled writing!
    I enjoyed this very much.

    Best wishes, Eileen


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