Monday, March 28, 2011

Poem 126 - A Sailor

The Ship was going on its way to Morocco
But what happened to the ship nobody did know
It seemed to have overturned - some people said
Some told that the sailors were safe, others told they were dead

But one day returned a weary old sailor, from the ship
Wow! So did all of the sailors complete the trip?
We decided to ask, but he was too weak
And neither could he stand nor could he speak

He was put on a small bed in a hut
On his forehead - the sailor had a small cut
Over it we put some bandage, and fed him well
So after some days his story he did tell

When he recovered, he told that "Nearby the ship had crashed
And every thing got badly smashed"
He told all sailors died, but he managed to swim to land
And that was why he was exhausted and he couldn't speak or stand

So the sailors or the ship, never reached Morocco
In fact, not much far could the ship go
And Nearly the last sailor had died, but he managed to swim
And so here we managed to save him
-Gaurang Rao


  1. Wonderful tale of a trip made of long ago... fortune rests in the heart of the sailor.

  2. lovely.. here's mine-

  3. What a story of adventure on the high seas...I'm glad one sailor got through :) Well written as always Gaurang.

  4. you are going to become a super star some day.

    cute imaginations.


  5. amazing how that one soldier lives to tell the story.... told the story well!!!

  6. ..adorable narrations Gaurang... you always have lots of stories to share here... truly, a fantastic flow of imaginations...^^


  7. A story is form of a poem.Well done Gaurang!


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