Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Poem 104 - Oh! Why Earth?

The beautiful nature, created for being killed
Can we save the extra water we spilled?
Try to understand it is out turn to change the earth
Otherwise no longer there will be human birth

Oh! God Why can't you explain?
That we are giving mother nature pain
Just killing it and sitting it watching it die
And what I tell is the plain truth not a lie

I have tried but I can't do it anymore
Even a tree can be saved by a group of four
Nature being killed for land
But understand why we should not kill a tree with our cruel manly hand

Earth was beautiful and now it is heating
We have to stop it! Unless we want to stop breathing
A major topic to talk about
Green cities in, Pollution Out!
-Gaurang Rao


  1. Nicely done, Gaurang! I'm glad you joined in the fun with my Monday Photo Prompt! Come back next week for a new prompt!

  2. very astute Gaurang. We need to be mindful if our beautiful earth is to survive.

  3. Well said, Gaurang! It is indeed high time we all start DOING something about saving Mother Earth, and hence ourselves too!
    And that's why I moved from writing in scrapbooks and diaries to BLOGGING!! My small way of going green... we bloggers should be proud of ourselves! :)

  4. nice. i am a tree hugger from way back...i appreciate the enviro shout out and wish more heard...

  5. Well done! Absolutely! And congratulations on your mention on JinglePoetry Saturday...you should be proud of yourself!

  6. Guarang,your poem is been chosen!!


  7. Nice take on the prompt - Well done!


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