Monday, March 21, 2011

Poem 122 - WHO IS IT?

One night in the dark, woken up by a voice
It was not sweet, sounded more like a boy's
"Get up" it commanded, through the night air
I did not stand up - but stood up my neck hair

A hand touched my wrist, trying to pull me off the bed
It was too dark, I couldn't recognize his head
He told me "Come with me, or you are gone"
I had to stand up, the lights switched on

I looked at his head, a masked head, looked funny
Wait a minute! He looked like an Egyptian mummy
He pulled me down the stairs, not letting me free
But now I didn't understand, was it a he or a she?

Suddenly he/she pulled of the paper on his/her head
But guess who? From America it was My Uncle Ned
Ah! How we both laughed, why did he have represent someone
Did he do it, just to have some fun?
-Gaurang Rao


  1. What a great poem, I really enjoyed it....isn't it funny how things which concern us can turn into something we love?? :)

  2. haunting,
    Glad to see the fun result,
    love your entry,

  3. nice surprise isnt it? haha! that's nice! here's mine..

  4. keep it up.

    Welcome joining poets rally week 40,
    all submissions will be fully represented by the end of the week,
    visit me for details today.. hope to see you in..

    Happy Writing..


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